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079 – The power of an idea

In this episode, I share with you how Coca-Cola was created. I came across the story in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” Chapter 6 Imagination.
I am fascinated with the story because it shows that for any idea, it’s all about perspective.

The doctor was happy to sell his idea for $500 so that you would be able to pay his debts and retire peacefully. The clerk was willing to take a big chance by using all his life saving into one piece of paper and “magic formula.” Neither the doctor nor the clerk knew the fortune this formula was going to make. The words on that small slip of paper were worth a King’s ransom! But not to the doctor!

What the clerk purchased wasn’t just a formula; it was an idea. And there lies the secret of riches. The value of an idea, mixed with imagination and faith, can yield a fortune when backed with actions.


About the author, Nadia

I’m Nadia Fleury, Executive Alchemist Coach and CEO of Avesence® skincare. I create unique strategic roadmaps educing highly-motivated entrepreneurs from confusion to clarity by mixing ancient wisdom with modern science and business know-how to achieve greater success with peace of mind.

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