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Courageous Confidence Mastery

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Is fear undermining your dreams?

Imagine a life where you feel

• Empowered

• Confident

• Abundant

What if you could unlock your inner magic?

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work or how much you do, it's never enough? Are you consumed by fear, self-doubt, and a lack of clarity that undermine your self-worth and confidence?

As an entrepreneur, I know how frustrating it can be to second-guess every decision you make.

That's why I created the Courageous Confidence Mastery program, a modality designed to help you break free from limiting beliefs, tap into your creativity, and rediscover the innate worth you already possess so that you can step confidently into your power.


Live With Courageous Confidence

Nadia Frame 10-10-22

Hi, I'm Nadia,

and I'm here to guide you through a proven process that combines mindset, strategy, and action to help you awaken your inner magic and realize your potential is limitless.

With the Courageous Confidence Mastery program, you'll gain the support and strategies you need to reconnect with your mind, heart, and soul and create the business and life you truly desire.

Each module is carefully crafted to help you overcome self-doubt, cultivate resilience, and gain clarity and confidence in your abilities.

So, are you ready to step into your power and transform your life and business?

Let's do this!

Courageous Confidence Mastery Benefits

  • 9 Recorded Modules with Nadia Fleury (~60 mins)
  • 3 Lives Q & A on Zoom
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • 9 Recorded Modules with Nadia Fleury (~60 mins)
  • 3 Lives Q & A on Zoom
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • 9 Recorded Modules with Nadia Fleury (~60 mins)
  • 3 Lives Q & A on Zoom
  • Guided meditations and visualizations

Price: $2,222 US


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Nadia's teaching has been invaluable. I truly appreciate her ability to listen, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. Her background in both science and entrepreneurship is extremely evident in her ability to ask the right question.


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