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Nadia Fleury

Executive Alchemist Coach

It’s my turn to give back.

Ten years ago, I took the entrepreneurial path and created a skincare line from the ground up. Having a background in chemistry, I started with the formulation process. 

Over time, I noticed my ease to see beyond the tangible. Like a composer who writes a symphony, I convert abstract thoughts into deliverable assets. It's why I could connect the ins and out of manufacturing, procurement, branding, marketing, sales, distribution channels, as well as finance. I took the time to learn each step of the process teaming up with mentors and coaches who helped me through my journey. 

Join me in a Full-Day VIP Strategy Roadmap Creation

One-hour orientation zoom call

Eight hours with Nadia (Lunch included)

Identify where you are now

Identify where you desire to be

Identify habits that may need to be tweaked

Address the root cause of your main challenges

Help you think things through

Identify your zone of genius

Safe, warm and private atmosphere

 A sure way to achieve success is to lead with an inner calm and certainty; where there is no lack or confusion.

Yes!!! This is for me!!!

Invest 30 minutes, and let’s see the magic we can create together.  

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