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"What's wrong with me.  I work so hard, and getting nowhere!" 

You want financial success now, but you’re stuck feeling frustratedYou spin your wheels trying to find out how to put things together, but nothing is working.


“Can somebody show me how!"

You try harder, download another cookie-cutter program that confuses you even more.

You attend networking events, but you feel too drained to implement the learning.

You feel alone and doubt your abilities.  You have no one to ask, and you are afraid to make mistakes so you stall and nothing gets done.

 “Why can’t they see what I do is for them?”

Your loved ones don’t support your vision and suggest to give up your entrepreneurial dream and go back to a regular job.

You feel hurt and misunderstood; they don’t see any values in your aspiration.

Are you stuck in the endless energy-zapping wheel?


You are not alone!

Statistics show that 60% of small business owners either break even or don't make money.

We often time blame the lack of capital, no market, or not having the right team as to why we lack results.

The actual reason for the lack of results is because we focus our energy on fixing the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

To reach your goals, you have to look inside

to identify the root cause!

Address the root cause and fast-track your results, by joining the 

Infinite MasterMind Alliance™

The root cause is your state of mind

YOUR STATE OF MIND IS DRIVEN BY YOUR Turquoise-Arroww-SmallFEELINGS. Positive and negative feelings cannot occupy the mind at the same time.  One dominates the other. 

Turquoise-Arroww-SmallNegative feelings act similarly to a cold virus, clouding your mind from true reality, zapping your energy in the process, and making it challenging to focus. 

In this state of mind, you lack the ability to think clearly, which leads Turquoise-Arroww-Smallto self-doubt and procrastination.

You keep yourself busy doing the easy tasks and ignore to address the important Turquoise-Arroww-Smalldecision leading to a lack of results.

You become over-stressed trying to improve your results but focus your attention Turquoise-Arroww-Smallon fixing the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

Not feeling successful, you seek comfort in the outer world, Turquoise-Arroww-Smalllike excess shopping or drinking further affecting your ability to think and draining your financial resources.

Turquoise-Arroww-SmallImagine if you had a cold for years. Over time you would assume that your inability to breathe and feeling exhausted are normal. 

Turquoise-Arroww-SmallYou would keep on going never thinking your body needs a rest. You tough it out, convinced you don't have a choice.

Red-Arrow-LeftHow long will you let your state of mind affectRed-Arrow-Right your results?


Sabrina-circle-150"If you are seeking someone to accelerate your growth, connect with Nadia. She brought tremendous value to my life. She has a unique way to ask the right question that brings to light the root cause of the problem. Her knowledge is vast, and she has a dept of wisdom." Sabrina W. Fountain Valley, CA

Gain clarity, fast-track your results and unlock your full potential by joining the 

Infinite MasterMind Alliance™

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Gain more clarity in your life and business

Discover your core values

Make decisions with confidence

Stay focus on your important tasks 

Grow your team

Tap into a place of inner certainty

Be free to create the lifestyle of your dreams

The Infinite MasterMind Alliance™ will help you

Identify the inner troubles that are causing you to stall.

Provide detailed insights giving you clarity of vision.

Think things through to you achieve faster results in less time.

Gain clarity, fast-track your results and unlock your full potential by joining the 

Infinite MasterMind Alliance™

The Power of Infinite MasterMind Alliance™


Nadia Fleury

Founder & CEO of Avesence, Inc.

Executive Alchemist Coach

Ten years ago, I created AVESENCE®.

Oily skin was in the way of my happiness, and I was resolute in solving the problem. It started with an idea. Along the way, I learn what it takes to create a brand and operate a successful business.  

My mission is to inspire you to turn your passion into reality. Through an exclusive MasterMind alliance, I help you connect your vision into a custom strategy, mixing mindset, wisdom, and business knowledge, helping you on your way to success.

Gain clarity, fast-track your results and unlock your full potential by joining the 

Infinite MasterMind Alliance™