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161 – How to live in the present peace

Please note, in this episode, Nadia has put Jasmine’s story aside to allow for some well-deserved rest, and instead, she’s sharing the power of living in the present moment.

As they say: “Carpe diem” or “seize the day!”

How would your life be if you’d free your mind from the shackles of your past, cast away the cloud of future worries, and choose to live in the now?

In this episode, Nadia presents how living in present peace can significantly influence your desired future towards a purposive and happy life. You may feel stuck in your past or worried about the future, but Nadia affirms that you have the power to turn future worries into your future dreams.

As Rumi suggested: “to wander in the field of flowers, you’ve got to pull the thorns away from your heart.” In the same way, Nadia strongly believes that the quality of your life depends ultimately on the quality of your thoughts.

Trust the process, believe in yourself and all your mind, heart, and soul within the greater force of the universe, and you will achieve your desired outcomes.

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160 – How to open your heart to the truth

“The heart has reasons that reason does not know,” said a great thinker once. For the first time in years, Jasmine was free from the fears of her mind and finally listened to the dreams of her heart.

In this episode, Jasmine continues to unravel the intricacies and fullness of life. Utterly confused with the changes due to her recent awakening, Jasmine receives a helping hand from a stranger named Alan.

Ultimately, it’s still Jasmine who holds her own destiny. Will Jasmine continue to fall and break down? Or will Jasmine overcome and break through?

Overall, Nadia tells us that it’s not about how long, but how well you have truly lived. It’s never too late to open your heart for a new beginning and for a better tomorrow. After all, nothing is more regrettable than reaching the point of death only to realize that you’ve never lived.

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159 – Daring to Ask

This week Nadia continues sharing Jasmine’s stories.

The early morning sun gently caressed Jasmine’s delicate features. It felt like being on the beach, she thought. But how could that be? Usually, it’s dark until she’s in the kitchen. Wanting to enjoy the moment for as long as possible, she didn’t dare open her eyes. It was a moment of peaceful bliss, something she didn’t experience in over twenty years.

As she adjusted her pillow, something sharp pricked her finger. She opened her eyes to see what had caused the pain. It was Allan Knight’s business card. She smiled She had put it underneath her pillow, wanting to sleep with the thought that there are people in this world who care about others.

Looking around, she suddenly remembered. Yesterday night, after the incident with Gray, she had moved from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. And for the first time in years, she had left the windows unobstructed. Gray always insisted on having the room in total darkness, and so for years, she accommodated his needs. Cold and dark seemed to be Gray’s way to live. The truth is she loved waking up with the sun, and now the whole bedroom was immersed in the sun coming from the east-side window.

Why did she not think of changing the room sooner?

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158 – Establishing healthy Boundaries

In this episode, Nadia continues to narrate Jasmine’s story after experiencing a Divine intervention.  Disoriented and confused after going through a near-death experience, Jasmine is overwhelmed by the sudden realization of injustices and mistreatments she had silently and undeservingly endured. Jasmine had to face deep shame and humiliation before she realized what she always had.…

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