191 – Still Unhappy? It’s Not Money You Seek—It’s Wisdom!

By Nadia Fleury | 03/02/2024 |

In the thought-provoking world of “Assertive Radiance,” you embark on a profound journey guided by the insightful wisdom of host Nadia Fleury. Like a gardener tending to the soil of contemplation, Nadia unveils the Rubik’s Cube puzzle of our relationship with money. She reveals how, like twisting the cube’s layers, our financial decisions trigger a…

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190 – Finding Balance and Embracing the New Year!

By Nadia Fleury | 12/22/2023 |

Greetings and Apology Hello, it’s been a while since we last connected. Apology for the absence in November and the delayed December episode. Explanation: The depth of the message I want to share is more profound than anticipated, so I chose to wait for divine timing. Patience and Balance: Acknowledging the common experience of wanting…

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189 – The Secret Sauce to Achieving Success in Business and Life No Matter What

By Nadia Fleury | 10/19/2023 |

In this episode of ‘Assertive Radiance,’ the host, Nadia Fleury, embarks on a journey to discover the secret sauce to success in business and life. It all starts when Nadia ticks off her friend, Ana: “You piss me off!” she said. “How do you keep maintaining your spirit after so many years of trying to…

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188 – How to use critical thinking to avoid scams as an entrepreneur?

By Nadia Fleury | 09/08/2023 |

Have you ever found yourself involved in a situation or purchase, only to realize you’ve been misled? In today’s world, manipulative communication is on the rise, making it increasingly challenging to evaluate information. Fortunately, there’s a solution: enhancing your critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a valuable resource for quickly discerning the validity of the…

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187- Finding the courage to surrender and conquer your fears

By Nadia Fleury | 08/18/2023 |

The fear of loss and the struggle to surrender are among the most challenging aspects of profound transformation, but they are necessary to achieve life fulfillment. However, it’s during this stage that many entrepreneurs become quite creative in finding ways to avoid the process. But why is it so challenging? Because it exposes our vulnerability,…

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How to Overcome Procrastination and Ignite Action

By Nadia Fleury | 07/15/2023 |

In this episode of Assertive Radiance, Nadia discusses how to overcome procrastination and provides tips on igniting action. The first part of the episode highlights the importance of recognizing your true desire for improvement and achievement, and how fear and self-doubt can hinder this desire. You will learn the powerful distinction between time as an…

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185 – Are You Mindfully in Control or Being Controlled

By Nadia Fleury | 06/16/2023 |

In today’s episode, you will discover the root cause behind unhappiness and find ways to rise and transcend trauma to regain the control of your mind and your precious energy. Assertive Radiance Membership Program Link — Click Here Courageous Confidence Mastery Pre-Registration Link — Click Here SharePin0 Shares

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184 – How to Cope with Loses?

By Nadia Fleury | 04/05/2023 |

In this episode of Assertive Radiance, host Nadia Fleury shares insights and strategies on how to cope with losses. Nadia talks about an incident where she forgot her purse at a restaurant and how it brought her a lot of learning. Sometimes it’s the small things that can affect us the most, and when we…

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183 – What’s a False Belief?

By Nadia Fleury | 03/01/2023 |

Fifteen years ago, in a moment of inspiration, I thought, what if I could create a world-class skincare brand from the ground up? The idea germinated for a while. Then 11 years ago, I left the corporate world, rolled up my sleeves, and gave birth to Avesence skincare without realizing all the struggle it would…

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161 – How to live in the present peace

By Nadia Fleury | 02/16/2023 |

In this episode, Nadia has put aside Jasmine’s story to allow for some well-deserved rest, and instead, she’s sharing the power of living in the present moment.  She explains why it’s important to move away from past tense and disempowering beliefs, and stir away from future worries.   The key to creating your future dreams resides…

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182 – A New Beginning

By Nadia Fleury | 02/01/2023 |

Intro Fifteen years ago, in a moment of inspiration, I thought: “What if I could create a world-class skincare brand from the ground up.” The idea germinated for a while. Then, eleven years ago, I left the corporate world, rolled up my sleeves, and gave birth to Avesence without realizing all the struggle it would…

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181 – How To Overcome Low Self-Worth After A Breakup?

By Nadia Fleury | 09/01/2022 |

In today’s episode, Nadia shares Roxie’s woes on experiencing her first breakup and the many tips to learn from the experience. As you progress, sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to go your way. If it’s the case and you wonder what you can do about it, I invite you…

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180 – How to let go of stress and anxiety

By Nadia Fleury | 07/19/2022 |

Hello everyone. Welcome to Assertive Radiance. Before I go into the topic, I want to let you know that I will take a break for the month of August, so the next episode will be in September. This show is all about feeling assertive and confident. If you are currently struggling in life and you…

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179 – The Magic Path of Intuition

By Nadia Fleury | 06/02/2022 |

I’ve got to say, I’m fascinated by the art of living. As a teenager, I assumed that the purpose of living was to accumulate money, but now I see things from a different perspective. There’s a difference between wealth and money. Money per se is simply a tool to facilitate a transaction. Wealth is more…

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178 – How to live a happy life?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/09/2022 |

Have you ever heard someone saying something like, “God is punishing me, or God is punishing the world?” Or perhaps you wonder why some people seem to have it all while others struggle through life? Today, I will share how to move away from feeling unhappy and give you the MAGIC FORMULA to attract happiness…

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177 – How to cope with changes?

By Nadia Fleury | 04/06/2022 |

The idea behind the Assertive Radiance show is to bring happiness to this world. After many years of struggle, I tapped into the wisdom, that when we are happy inside our hearts, we want others to be happy too. If you desire to live a happy fulfilled life but you feel stuck, I created a…

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176 – What’s Your Essence?

By Nadia Fleury | 03/09/2022 |

What I’m going to share with you today, if understood, can actually help bring peace to this world. And that is, to really grasp what we do to others, we are doing it to ourselves. In short, an eye for an eye is not sustainable in the long run.

But to tap into the wisdom, we must feel happy inside our hearts. If you desire happiness and are unsure where to start, I’ve got something special for you. I create a quiz to help you figure out your #1 Unconscious Roadblock That Keeps You Stuck.


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Show Reschedule Notice

By Nadia Fleury | 03/01/2022 |

Quick update. I want to apologize for not releasing a show last month. Just in case you worry. I’m fine. I simply helped my son move 600 miles from home… Which turned out to be quite eventful. I just want to let you know the next episode will be published on March 9, 2022. It…

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175 – How to use forgiveness as your superpower

By Nadia Fleury | 01/06/2022 |

Have you ever experienced a situation where your well-meaning actions backfire on you, causing a lot of hurt and resentment?
In today’s episode, Nadia’s story gets personal as she shares her life and tribulations with her son’s girlfriend and how she discovered how to use forgiveness as a superpower. How to use forgiveness as your superpower

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174 – What is your legacy?

By Nadia Fleury | 12/01/2021 |

Have you ever noticed the many things surrounding you are a result of our many ancestors’ deeds? In a way, each generation gets to benefit from the previous generations. For instance, we now have access to many things, like electricity, plane, and the internet, to facilitate our lives because someone or a group of people created these things.
In this episode, Nadia brings you into her personal life as she reflects on her mom’s past deeds, where many lessons and outcomes showcase how important it is to create a legacy.

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173 – How to not give up on your dream life?

By Nadia Fleury | 11/03/2021 |

Most of us dream of achieving our dream life while we are on this earth. In this episode, Nadia shares her insights on what it takes to make that dream come true. Knowing what you want Stay awake Pay attention to your distractions Surround yourself with the right people who have your best interest at…

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172 – How to stop feeling guilty?

By Nadia Fleury | 10/06/2021 |

In this episode, Nadia is sharing her travels to Montreal, Canada SharePin0 Shares

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171 – How to Cope with Anxiety

By Nadia Fleury | 09/05/2021 |

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170 – How to prepare for your next destination?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/07/2021 |

Before creating a new beginning, the old cycle must close bringing with it sadness and pain. In this episode, Nadia shares how to stay on course and go through uncertainty to create change. SharePin0 Shares

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169 – How to deal with low self-worth?

By Nadia Fleury | 07/07/2021 |

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168 – How to receive what you desire?

By Nadia Fleury | 06/01/2021 |

Kao Feng once asked, “The whole world is a fire pit. With what state of mind can you avoid being burned?” Likewise, Nadia illustrates how the quality of your life is greatly influenced by the quality of your thoughts.

In reality, none of us has it easy. Deep down, we are scarred with flaws and imperfections. And that’s okay; it’s part of being human, after all. But despite our past fears and awful experiences, Nadia is saying that we have the choice to refuse these horrible circumstances to dictate the purpose and meaning of our lives. And in this episode, Nadia reveals to us the key relationship between courage, success, and state of mind.

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167 – Are you ready to receive?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/17/2021 |

Last week Nadia explained her views as to why so many people find it challenging to receive. In this episode, Nadia ties last week’s insights with a story of transformation from a life of pain and woes toward a life of love, abundance, and happiness.  According to Nadia, receiving is just as important as giving.…

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166 – Why it is so challenging to receive?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/10/2021 |

Too many incredible and kind nurturers out there tend to pride themselves on giving and find it challenging to receive.
In this episode, Nadia shares her views on why so many deserving souls have missed an essential part of life which is the art of receiving.
Nadia blends her experiences and observations with three laws of nature:
1. You reap what you sow.
2. That you want it or not, everything is constantly changing, and therefore, the only thing you can truly control is your thoughts.
3. What you focus on expands.

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165 – How to break free from mental exhaustion

By Nadia Fleury | 05/03/2021 |

A wise thinker once said, “A healthy soul dwells within a healthy mind and a healthy body.” And in this episode, Nadia shares how to untangle our minds from mental exhaustion to give way for our overall well-being, inner peace, and prosperity.

For Nadia, mental exhaustion is the state of mind in constant worry and restlessness without any prospect for resolution. Initially, it seems worrying, but it’s actually a fear in disguise. For this reason, she shares her valuable insight on how to free your minds from the entrapment of fear, worry, and mental distress. According to Nadia, the starting point lies in being aware of how you truly feel about yourself without the pretensions and denial. Deciding to face your deep-seated troubles is one way to help you gradually set your mind free.

Have faith and believe. Nadia firmly believes that you have the power to find the positive within the negative. Remember to be mindful of your thoughts because your thoughts affect your feelings, which affect your actions. And finally, it’s your actions that create your reality and the life you live.

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164 – How to discover you life purpose

By Nadia Fleury | 04/27/2021 |

Nietzsche said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Likewise, Nadia believes that knowing your purpose leads to achieving your dream life, keeps your fears at bay, and makes you more resilient.  According to Nadia, we all have a purpose, but not everyone gets the chance to tap into it.…

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163 – How to Turn Your Addiction Into Passion

By Nadia Fleury | 04/19/2021 |

Viktor Frankl says, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” In the same manner, Nadia firmly believes that we can turn challenges and problems, like addiction, into opportunities and possibilities.

Nadia defines addiction as an unhealthy habit that takes control of the quality of your life and happiness. That said, she shares how to help us break this cycle of bad habits.

According to Nadia, The first step is awareness or consciously choosing to start a new beginning. The next involves a decision and implementation altogether because thinking alone is insufficient to change your life if there’s no action to follow through.

Nadia reminds us to be mindful of what we choose to do every day because it’s the small steps that ultimately lead to the biggest changes. Finally, As Hellen Keller once said, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” It may require time and effort to achieve your dream life, but remember that great things take time.

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162 – Why is it so hard to change?

By Nadia Fleury | 04/12/2021 |

Everyone has dreams and goals of their own, but only a few actually make them happen. And so you wonder, “what makes it so hard to turn my life around?” In this episode, Nadia explains why some people who seek change either never get past the starting line or never reach the finish line. That…

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161 – How to live in the present peace

By Nadia Fleury | 04/05/2021 |

Please note, in this episode, Nadia has put Jasmine’s story aside to allow for some well-deserved rest, and instead, she’s sharing the power of living in the present moment.

As they say: “Carpe diem” or “seize the day!”

How would your life be if you’d free your mind from the shackles of your past, cast away the cloud of future worries, and choose to live in the now?

In this episode, Nadia presents how living in present peace can significantly influence your desired future towards a purposive and happy life. You may feel stuck in your past or worried about the future, but Nadia affirms that you have the power to turn future worries into your future dreams.

As Rumi suggested: “to wander in the field of flowers, you’ve got to pull the thorns away from your heart.” In the same way, Nadia strongly believes that the quality of your life depends ultimately on the quality of your thoughts.

Trust the process, believe in yourself and all your mind, heart, and soul within the greater force of the universe, and you will achieve your desired outcomes.

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160 – How to open your heart to the truth

By Nadia Fleury | 03/29/2021 |

“The heart has reasons that reason does not know,” said a great thinker once. For the first time in years, Jasmine was free from the fears of her mind and finally listened to the dreams of her heart.

In this episode, Jasmine continues to unravel the intricacies and fullness of life. Utterly confused with the changes due to her recent awakening, Jasmine receives a helping hand from a stranger named Alan.

Ultimately, it’s still Jasmine who holds her own destiny. Will Jasmine continue to fall and break down? Or will Jasmine overcome and break through?

Overall, Nadia tells us that it’s not about how long, but how well you have truly lived. It’s never too late to open your heart for a new beginning and for a better tomorrow. After all, nothing is more regrettable than reaching the point of death only to realize that you’ve never lived.

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159 – Daring to Ask

By Nadia Fleury | 03/15/2021 |

This week Nadia continues sharing Jasmine’s stories.

The early morning sun gently caressed Jasmine’s delicate features. It felt like being on the beach, she thought. But how could that be? Usually, it’s dark until she’s in the kitchen. Wanting to enjoy the moment for as long as possible, she didn’t dare open her eyes. It was a moment of peaceful bliss, something she didn’t experience in over twenty years.

As she adjusted her pillow, something sharp pricked her finger. She opened her eyes to see what had caused the pain. It was Allan Knight’s business card. She smiled She had put it underneath her pillow, wanting to sleep with the thought that there are people in this world who care about others.

Looking around, she suddenly remembered. Yesterday night, after the incident with Gray, she had moved from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. And for the first time in years, she had left the windows unobstructed. Gray always insisted on having the room in total darkness, and so for years, she accommodated his needs. Cold and dark seemed to be Gray’s way to live. The truth is she loved waking up with the sun, and now the whole bedroom was immersed in the sun coming from the east-side window.

Why did she not think of changing the room sooner?

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158 – Establishing healthy Boundaries

By Nadia Fleury | 03/08/2021 |

In this episode, Nadia continues to narrate Jasmine’s story after experiencing a Divine intervention.  Disoriented and confused after going through a near-death experience, Jasmine is overwhelmed by the sudden realization of injustices and mistreatments she had silently and undeservingly endured. Jasmine had to face deep shame and humiliation before she realized what she always had.…

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157 – A Divine Intervention

By Nadia Fleury | 02/15/2021 |

There may be no perfect relationship, but there is no fear in love. In this episode, Nadia shares Jasmine’s struggles mainly with her husband, Gray Frost.

Gray used to be kind, loving, and jolly until Jasmine was promoted as Director of Marketing at Disney. Somehow, the day she out-earned Gray was the day he turned resentful and envious.

Soon after, Gray’s grudge turned against himself. Without purpose and direction in life, he sets his eyes on Jasmine, dragging her into a life of misery and unhappiness.

Jasmine found clever ways to cope with Gray during the past few years. But being unemployed due to the pandemic, Jasmine is now more exposed to Gray’s negative treatment and is about to drown in complete surrender — until she experienced a Divine intervention.

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156 – Am I Happy?

By Nadia Fleury | 02/01/2021 |

Three words, eight letters, one question: “Am I happy?”

A single question indeed, but potent enough to change your life. In this episode, Nadia takes us back into Jasmine’s world and her quest for a happy and meaningful life.

Jasmine doesn’t have it easy. Life can be unkind and cruel regardless of one’s status in life. You may have all the money in the world or be offered the greatest job and still feel unhappy inside.

In this story, we see in Jasmine how sometimes success does not equate with happiness.

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155 – Are you ready for inner transformation

By Nadia Fleury | 01/18/2021 |

Her “happy-me” moments are when she walks to the park to sip her coffee, leaving behind the thought of cooking or cleaning. Sitting and breathing fresh air allows for some needed time to think and reflect about her life.

In this episode, Nadia narrates a compelling tale about Jasmine’s curiosity, her willingness to act on it, and her courage to choose her own path. Nadia brings us into a world of struggle, growth, and change. It’s a story about you.

Apparently, curiosity didn’t kill the cat. In its complete and unabridged version, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

Nadia is telling us that no change is easy. No growth is ever comfortable. But if nothing ever changed, there’d be no such things as butterflies.

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154 – How to unlock your core values’ magic?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/11/2021 |

Nowadays, it’s rare for people to get lost in malls, airports, or theme parks because there are directions or roadmaps available. But what about when we lose our way in life? When we feel lost, who do we ask? Who do we turn to when everything seems so uncertain? This is why Nadia shares with us the magic behind knowing your core values.

According to Nadia, knowing your core values helps you know yourself even better. It makes you aware of your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and can help you discern what you want of life. As the great philosopher, Socrates said: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

Financially speaking, being aligned with your core values helps you become wiser and mindful about your business ventures and investments. Personally, your core values serve as a moral compass within you to guide you through deceptive paths and protect you from manipulative people.

Life will always be full of hurdles and challenges, but Nadia shows how core values also serve as an ultimate inspiration to keep you going. Like an eternal flame within that can never be put out, no matter how tough the situation may get.

Overall, Nadia continues to inspire us in this episode by sharing the magic behind knowing your core values, how to unlock it, and how it plays a significant role in your life, success, and happiness.

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153 – Do you dare revealing your true self?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/04/2021 |

Many suggest to be ourselves, but why so few dare? Most of us still live in fear of what others would think or say. Every day we hide behind our social masks to fit in and be accepted by society. In this episode, Nadia illustrates how courage plays a huge role in conquering your fear. The courage to stand out of the norm and assert yourself, unbothered, and untouched by others’ opinion of you.

Nadia encourages you to trust the process, for it takes time. But when you finally dare to reveal yourself and let go of every pretense, you become lighter in heart and soul. In doing so, it gives you the key to unlocking the door to your happiness.

Remember, no matter what is going on in your life, you have the power to be yourself. The challenge is the willingness to act on it.

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. And there’s no greater freedom than being the master of your own life.

Finally, Nadia reminds us that to live an extraordinary life, you must first choose and decide to live your life extraordinarily.

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152 – Why Don’t New Year Resolution Stick?

By Nadia Fleury | 12/28/2020 |

Most of us can easily set goals and New Year resolutions, but what makes it so hard to achieve them? It appears that wishing for goals is easier than done. Why is that?

In this episode, Nadia not only warns us of the pitfalls that will distract us from achieving our goals but also goes deeper in explaining the driven energy behind high achievers. Nadia illustrates thoroughly how to convert your passion and enthusiasm into a powerful energy source that is vital for your goal’s achievement and success.

The first step is to align your goals with your core values; otherwise, it will be easy to quit at the first sign of defeat. When your goals align with your life’s purpose, it’s no longer a goal. You are taking a stance. When you reach that place in your mind, your goal becomes non-negotiable and defeat is not an option.

This state of mind is crucial at first because without realizing it, your new passion will most likely trigger some discomfort in your environment, and they may attempt to stop you from your dream. Nadia reminds you that no one else controls your life but you. Thus, you are your only limit.

The next challenge is to find the right balance between passion, enthusiasm, and warrior energy. Warrior energy is great, at first, to help you create new habits. However, it’s your passion and enthusiasm that will sustain you in the long run and help you turn hard and laborious tasks into a blissful and rewarding journey.

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151- How to be at peace with what is?

By Nadia Fleury | 12/21/2020 |

In today’s episode, Nadia is sharing the importance of being at peace with the things that we cannot change.

Merry Christmas!

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150 – Is There Such Thing as a Magic Pill

By Nadia Fleury | 12/14/2020 |

Have you ever dream of finding the one magic pill that would solve all your problems? Do you believe such a thing exists?

In this episode, Nadia shares that yes, it is possible that is if you are willing to search for it.

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149 – Is Trust a Currency?

By Nadia Fleury | 12/07/2020 |

Although we are familiar with the notion of money, it is not the only form of currency.

In this episode, Nadia shares her perspective on Trust and how it may impact your life way more than just money itself.

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148 – Hiking in the moonlight

By Nadia Fleury | 11/30/2020 |

Who would have thought that the greatest lesson can be learned while hiking in the moonlight? Listen in as I share my latest tale on resilience and self-control.

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147 – The Magic Behind Being Grateful

By Nadia Fleury | 11/23/2020 |

Just like in the novels, there comes a chapter in our lives where we experience conflicts that may cause grief and despair. In this episode, Nadia explains to us how these hardships are inevitably part of life and are necessary for one’s growth. As the saying goes, “The days that break you, are the days that make you.”

Nadia strongly affirms that being grateful can have a huge impact in people’s lives. After all, she herself has experienced its magic. And so, with the spirit of Thanksgiving at heart, Nadia thoroughly explained how one could manage to achieve that kind of success and disposition, despite life’s struggles and challenges.

Overall, learning how to be grateful significantly affects and improves a person’s overall well-being, career, and relationships.

Truly, the magic behind being grateful is a really beautiful message to share, especially during Thanksgiving.

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146 – Are you ready for emotional healing?

By Nadia Fleury | 11/16/2020 |

I believe that behind many “dis-ease” there’s anger. The challenge is to look for the root cause. Although it’s often time easier to blame others for our frustrations, anger is a feeling that can only be controlled from within, and therefore welcoming emotional healing is an internal choice. In this episode, I share tips on…

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145 – How to overcome setbacks

By Nadia Fleury | 11/02/2020 |

In the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling under the weather. There was a part of me that wanted to continue and another part that wanted to shut down. Knowing how the growth process works, I chose the latter.

While my body rested, I was wondering why we get setbacks?

What showed up was grief. I realized that before I can start a new chapter, I have to grieve the old. The challenge is that it’s not fun to be in that funky feeling and so easy to create distractions around to avoid the pain. But I stayed true to my feelings and permitted myself not to be well.

In this episode, I share the deeper wisdom as to why patience is a virtue as we have to accept the universe’s timing.

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144- What do you see in the silence?

By Nadia Fleury | 10/27/2020 |

Last week, I came across an old song, sung by Canadian Pop & Country Singer Roch Voisine: “Je l’ai vu,” which translates to “I saw him,” and it inspired me to share this message today.

The song draws a parallel between where God can be seen and where he is not. As I was listening to it, I thought we are all here for a reason. The challenge is to take the time to discover our life purpose and have the courage to share it.

Another moving part of the song says: “I don’t expect anything from him that I don’t already have.”

As I grasp the meaning, I realized that we are already all that we need to be. The question is, do we feel it in our hearts?

I found it interesting that a song created in 2003 had a way to create ripple effects almost 20 years later. And it’s from this perspective that I’m sharing this message today; that love is all around us. And if at this moment your heart is searching for something, I welcome you to take a moment to pause and be in the silence or watch Roch Voisine’s video:


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143 – Do you let fear limit your growth

By Nadia Fleury | 10/19/2020 |

Where would you be if you didn’t let fear stop you?

It’s an easy question, but not always easy to discern because fear is often disguised as something else. After a while, we forget that we can do something about it. It all boils down to the choices we make.

Today, I will share my son’s latest development with you and how one new choice in a new direction opened a new world.

He took the logistic position at work. The main challenge was to move 53-foot containers into the warehouse dock. Listen in as I’m sharing how after eight days of boot camp training, his life changed forever.

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142 – How to know if it’s true

By Nadia Fleury | 10/12/2020 |

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone is saying something to you, and you wonder if it’s true or not? Do you wonder how you can tell if it’s true or not?

In the novel and the movie “Cloud Atlas,” David Michael quotes: “Truth is singular. Its “versions” are mistruths.”

This quote opened a new realm of dimension. Truth is singular, whereas the news is always plural. The deeper question is how to discern?

It took me years to finally tap into my inner intuition, a place where I get to know the truth for what it is.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my experiences and wisdom with you that shaped me to be who I am today and why integrity and truth are essential values in my life.

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141 – Are you experiencing serendipity or drama?

By Nadia Fleury | 10/05/2020 |

At the current time, I’m experiencing both. About you?

I noticed that I seem to attract more serendipity when I take a positive outlook while dealing with problems.

It’s as if the problem is not a problem; it’s a situation where I get to learn something valuable, as long as I’m willing to take the time to see the deeper message.

In this episode, I share an example of serendipity in reconnecting with Bob and how my best friend, Ana, triggered a series of drama that made me reconsider my relationship with her.

Listen in as I’m taking you on a self-discovery journey and what it takes to achieve life fulfillment.

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140 – How to honor your twin flame connection

By Nadia Fleury | 09/28/2020 |

I’ve recently discovered that Phil is my twin flame. I knew from the moment I met him that something was special but didn’t know it was called a “twin flame connection.”

There’s a difference between a soulmate and a twin flame connection.

From my experience, between my ex-husband and me, we had good chemistry and respected each other very much. However, we were each other’s opposite.

The twin flame connection is your mirror, and the main purpose is to help you grow spiritually. I believe you meet your twin flame when you are ready to embark on a spiritual awakening journey. From my experience, you’ve got to be searching for something.

After learning about the twin flame connection, I looked online. Many posts or videos shared the 10-15 signs you’ve found your twin flame; however, they didn’t share their personal experience.

In this episode, I’m sharing my experience to honor this unique connection and its learnings.

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139 – How to embrace confusion

By Nadia Fleury | 09/21/2020 |

Last week, after revealing my most painful childhood memory, rather than feeling energized and happy, I felt heavy and sad. This state of being confused me. Why was I not full of joy after discovering what was at the front and center of my life’s purpose?

Adding to the gush of negative feelings, I had to deal with a flat tire on the car and some plumbing issues in the house. I found it interesting that what was going on in my heart matched my environment. I addressed every situation with patience, allowing myself to be OK with not being OK.

It turned out that being confused when experiencing inner growth is normal and beneficial to capture the learning within that state of mind.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you my discovery as to why I felt that way and what I learned by accepting and moving through the feeling rather than avoiding it or pretending it’s not there.

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138 – Lifting the veil of shame

By Nadia Fleury | 09/14/2020 |

Are you curious to know what your life purpose is or at least what it looks like?

Ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I felt I got a clearer picture of my life purpose. It’s like I’m putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle where the picture is revealed when the pieces are connected.

I spent many years going around the perimeter without being able to see what’s in the middle. Depending on my state of mind, I kept shifting between the right side, which is Avesence, the skincare brand, and the left side, this podcast show. But what was the connection with these two things?

My encounter with Hal and Wendy, mixed with some meditating time while trimming the bushes in the backyard, allowed me to answer my questions.

In this episode, I share my discovery of how shame affected my self worth to a point where it limited my aspiration. Listen in as I share how you can free yourself from old wounds and open your heart to new beginnings.

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137 – How to create your own miracles

By Nadia Fleury | 09/07/2020 |

I believe the word miracle is a term we use to express something extraordinary that just happened, and we cannot explain what took place. The truth is that there’s always an explanation; it’s just that often time deeds are so far removed from the outcome that we don’t see how we created our own miracles.

In this episode, I share with you the details of how I created my own miracle. It boils down to understanding that everything around us is chemistry, based on Nature’s laws. This information means that miracles can be observed and, once learned, can be replicated.

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136- When will you be enough?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/31/2020 |

What will it take to feel and be enough? SharePin0 Shares

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135- Where do sins come from?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/24/2020 |

As a child, I was brought up fearing sins. My mother insisted that God was everywhere watching, and I could be found guilty at any moment. Too young to understand any better, I followed the herd and strived to be a good girl. However, deep inside, I couldn’t understand why I had to fear God.

Later on, I realized that what people saw as sins was a natural curiosity to experience life. So what are sins? Where do they come from?

Well, in the book: “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill, the author asked the Devil this question, and in this podcast, I’m sharing with you the shocking truth as to what sins are.

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134 – What drives you to succeed?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/17/2020 |

I was at the carwash the other day and an interesting idea crossed my mind. I notice that a car is very similar to human beings.

In this episode, I’m going to share a parallel between a car and our human body. From the spark plugs to the engine, without forgetting the trunk where we may keep unnecessary luggage, we too need a surge of inspiration to make us move forward.

Listen in as I’m taking you to a fun adventure that will lead you to decide what drives you to succeed.

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133 – Are You Afraid to Fail?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/10/2020 |

We dream of accomplishing things, but a week or a month passes, and the tasks are still not done. Life seems to just get in the way.

The reality is that to achieve anything requires effort. But where to find the energy to start?

The first step to living a fulfilled life is to believe you can do it. To start even though you don’t know-how.

Starting something new breaks the habits of procrastination. Remember, inactivity atrophy the mind. The more you do, the more you get excited because you start seeing your idea becoming a reality. As you progress, you gain experience and confidence. This feeling is infectious. It arouses you to keep ongoing.

Listen in as I share tricks on how to stimulate your mind to get you started so that you can achieve your dream life.

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132 – How to Re-Decide Your Life

By Nadia Fleury | 08/03/2020 |

In “Matrix Revolution,” at one point, Neo asked the Oracle: “You helped me get here, but my question is why? Where does this go? Where does it end?”

The Oracle: “I don’t know.”

Neo: “You don’t know, or you won’t tell me?”

Oracle: “I told you before. No one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand, and I mean no one.”

Sometimes, and often unconsciously, we do things that lead us nowhere. We may feel lost, or we don’t understand why. We might change a lot of things, but it doesn’t work. Why?

In this episode, I’m going to share with you in two parts how you can achieve better results in your life by taking the time to step back and understand some of the decisions that led you to be in a certain way and how you can re-decide with a new degree of awareness.

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131 – Are you feeling stuck?

By Nadia Fleury | 07/27/2020 |

In this episode, I share how and where we get stuck. It usually starts when there’s an internal conflict; there’s a part in you that is unwilling to move forward. It could be because there’s a lack of information, or it may be that there’s a personal issue involved.

And to move forward, you’ve got t to be willing to look at what’s stops you from achieving your dream life.

One of the main challenges is when we focus on the outcome and forget to look for the cause. From personal experience, I can say that wanting what others had rather than focusing on my uniqueness has robbed me of many years of happiness.

Listen in as I share how to unstuck yourself and discover true life-fulfillment along the way.

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130 – The Art of Feeling Fulfilled

By Nadia Fleury | 07/20/2020 |

I was watching a YouTube video titled “After this, you will change how you do everything,” where Tony Robbins was explaining the art of living a fulfilled life. He said, money is one thing but feeling fulfilled is priceless. There are many people who have all the money in the world, and yet they don’t feel fulfilled.

The topic of this conversation is: “how to feel fulfilled and where do you find that happy place in your heart?”

Let’s face it, if you feel happy, it shows everywhere; in your life, in your relationships and business. People will want to mix with you.

But how can you make your “self” happy? It boils down to one thing: to DECIDE.

In this episode, I’m going to share how the power of a decision can transform your life and bring self-fulfillment.

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129 – The reward of living without excuses

By Nadia Fleury | 07/13/2020 |

How would your life be if you lived without excuses? How would the world be if the president of the united, bosses, manager, employees, and kids lived without excuses? I believe we would be further ahead. So what’s stopping us? I think it’s fear. Fear of punishments, or that we will not be liked or that we might fail. I believe it’s fear that stops us from ourselves and one of the main reasons we are not happy. Think about it for a moment; how would your life be you were not afraid?

I invite you to listen in as I share how living without excuses has helped me find happiness and life fulfillment.

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128 – Is Giving Up Your Dream an Option?

By Nadia Fleury | 07/05/2020 |

In this episode, I’m sharing my experience and tips on how to navigate through life without giving up your dreams. SharePin0 Shares

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127 – Where to look for happiness?

By Nadia Fleury | 06/22/2020 |

When I turned 30, I realized that all the goals I set as a teen was accomplished. With a heart filled with joy, I was looking at my baby boy and then wondered, what’s next? It took me over two years to figure out what I wanted to do besides being a mom.   During that time,…

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126 – How to shift your mind from guilt to abundance

By Nadia Fleury | 06/15/2020 |

In this episode, I’m sharing my views on the emotion of guilt. I feel that when we have been conditioned to feel guilty, especially as a small child, it can become challenging to live an abundant life. In my opinion, guilt is like having a huge rock on your heart; it makes you feel heavy and…

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125 – How to Lead with Compassion

By Nadia Fleury | 06/08/2020 |

I’ve been wondering why Mother Nature put in our path Covid-19. I think she felt it was time for a global change. The world has been put to sleep through technology, CBD, video games; you name it – it has our attention. And when our attention is distracted, we are not doing anything to help ourselves.  …

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124 – What Kind of Leader Are You?

By Nadia Fleury | 06/01/2020 |

In this episode, I draw a parallel between different kinds of leadership and the current state-of-mind of millions of Americans who are screaming enough of the non-sense. I feel the trouble is that we are dealing with a Government that has his own agenda, driven by greed and power. For five years now we have been…

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123 – Are You Ready to Play the Game of Life?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/25/2020 |

Playing the game of life means being at peace with who you are and getting what you want of life without sacrificing your aspirations. In short, you live and enjoy life, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  This should be an easy task; in reality, it isn’t. The biggest challenge is to address our inner dialogue, the voice…

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122 – Do You Have Character?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/18/2020 |

The magnitude of the Coronavirus is a game-changer on health and economy. In this episode, I’m sharing the importance of having a good character and how you can develop it. As many business-standards will be thrown out of the window, I believe the key to achieving success and happiness will be through harmony and cooperation.…

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121 – A Woman of Substance

By Nadia Fleury | 05/11/2020 |

A woman of substance More than 40 years ago, Barbara Taylor Bradford wrote the book: “A Woman of Substance.”  I read it when I was 18 and Although Emma is a fictitious character, she has had a great influence on my life. She thought me the importance of taking initiative and self-determination. These traits applied…

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120 – Taking the Time to Pause

By Nadia Fleury | 05/04/2020 |

In the past few years, I’ve learned that most of my limitations came from within. The challenge is to see it. After all, how can I eliminate a villain without seeing it? In this episode, I’m sharing with you the immense power behind taking the time to pause and reassess. My way to pause is…

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119 – The true meaning behind karma

By Nadia Fleury | 04/27/2020 |

You may have heard about karma, however, you may not be sure if it’s really true or not. Is it just something people say to make you feel guilty or is there something deeper into the meaning? Well, from experience karma is true and in this episode, I’m sharing with you why it is so.  …

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118 – How to Experience Inner Bliss & self-Fulfilment

By Nadia Fleury | 04/20/2020 |

Last Friday morning, I woke up experiencing an orgasm. First thing first, I was surprised grateful for the wonderful gift. Then I smiled at the silliness of the situation. I acknowledged the spiritual part of my sexuality with fun, amazement, and curiosity.  Then, the alchemist in me started exploring the deeper meaning. And this is…

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117- How to be mindful of draining energy

By Nadia Fleury | 04/13/2020 |

Have you noticed that time and energy are the most precious resources available?  In this week’s episode, I’m sharing the importance of paying attention to your energy so that you have the strength to cope with the current situation and also that you have all the tools necessary to bounce back when turbulence arises.  In…

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116 – The power of intuition mixed with wisdom

By Nadia Fleury | 04/06/2020 |

With the right state of mind, when you mix wisdom and with intuition, it is limitless what you can create, especially when you tap into your heart space. Listen in to discover the power of your thoughts back with a sound plan. SharePin0 Shares

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115 – A Balancing Act with Mother Nature

By Nadia Fleury | 03/30/2020 |

As a scientist, I struggled for a long time on how to share my message. Especially with the skincare line.  I felt trapped between wanting to share the truth and telling people what they want to hear.   The next question would be: “Is there any chemical in your product.” The truth is that everything is…

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114- How to Reconnect With The Laws of Nature

By Nadia Fleury | 03/23/2020 |

In 2015, as I was struggling with my marriage, and my overall happiness, I was suggested to read: “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill. In today’s episode, I share his insights on what truly starts an epidemic and how you can help yourself during this challenging time. SharePin0 Shares

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113 – Your Greatest Treasure is within You

By Nadia Fleury | 03/16/2020 |

We are all concerned with the coronavirus and if you hare personally affected, I’m sending warm healing energy your way. Mother nature is teaching us some important lesson, that no matter what is going on in this world, she will do her thing. And I feel, right now she’s bringing balance.  I haven’t seen this…

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112 – To Be or Not to Be Vulnerable – Part 2

By Nadia Fleury | 03/09/2020 |

In the last episode, I mentioned in the end that my vulnerability allowed me to open Pandora’s box.  The old saying suggests leaving the box close. To not let fear and all other troubles come in the open. Well, to be honest, I felt much better after the emotional breakdown. This makes me wonder how much trouble…

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111 – To be or not to be vulnerable – Part 1

By Nadia Fleury | 03/02/2020 |

I’ve been thinking a lot about the vulnerability aspect in the last few days. Yes, of course, there’s an incident that brings me to talk about this topic: To be or not to be vulnerable? That is the question, isn’t it?   There is no in-between. This is deep because it impacts you at the soul level.  …

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110 – How to Rise In Love

By Nadia Fleury | 02/24/2020 |

Today I’m celebrating with you the 2-year anniversary of this podcast show. Thank you so much for being here. SharePin0 Shares

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109 – How to cope with emotional numbness

By Nadia Fleury | 02/17/2020 |

For most of my life, I put my feelings on hold. I assumed everything else around me was more important. The truth is I lived in fear. Fear that I created in my mind.   For years, I look for the outer world to make me feel good and beautiful. In this state of lack, I spent more time…

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108 – Do you take responsibility for your outcomes?

By Nadia Fleury | 02/10/2020 |

Taking responsibility for your outcome will be the best investment of your life. First, it put you in charge of your destiny. Rather than taking the victim’s role, you get to control what is going on. Now, mind you, I’m when I say “taking control” I mean it from the higher-self, not the ego. Becoming responsible brings initiative,…

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107 – Are you living up to your full potential?

By Nadia Fleury | 02/03/2020 |

The tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi touched me deeply. As I heard the news, it made me ask if I’m living my life to my full potential. Then I thought if I live another 25 years, this means I only have 25 summers left. Of course, this is an assumption, not…

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106 – Do you struggle with your (emotional) weight?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/27/2020 |

Last weekend, as I experienced being in a weightless, magnesium filled water-pool, it made me think how much of our time is consumed about our body mass. Then I wondered how heavy we feel when our mind is filled with negative thoughts. Oftentimes, we worry over the number seen on the scale. In reality, it’s…

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105- How to Achieve Your Oasis of Hope

By Nadia Fleury | 01/21/2020 |

Last week I spoke about gaining clarity in the stillness. I realized that often times we may arrive in the stillness not by choice and this can be quite challenging. The idea of creating your own Oasis of Hope is to find healthy ways to cope and help you move through negative spells quickly.   The…

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104 – How to Achieve Clarity in the Stillness?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/13/2020 |

Many of us start the New Year with great intentions and we set new goals. We may work towards the goal for a week, a month or six months. Then, we gradually let go of the goal. The next new year comes and you are back to setting the same goal again.  Why is it…

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103 – Can you truly be free if you seek to control?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/06/2020 |

My son recently got his driving license and last Saturday, he drove me to the movie. As he drove, I noticed how “out of control” I felt. Then it made me wonder how much “in control” I want to be vs. having freedom. For instance, if I want to be free, meaning being able to…

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102 – The Power of Unconditional Love

By Nadia Fleury | 12/30/2019 |

Today, I’m going to share the power of unconditional love. I’m doing so because love is at the core of our existence. Only through love can we find happiness. The challenge is where to find true unconditional love? Four years ago, I found happiness and love, not where I expected it, and it didn’t come…

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101 – Releasing vs. Resistance

By Nadia Fleury | 12/16/2019 |

In the past year, I’ve done my fair share of releasing, mainly releasing expectations from others, false beliefs, and old baggage that was not serving me anymore. Earlier this week, as I was talking with my mentor, Pati, she said: “I was resisting.” Although in the context she was using it, she was correct. However,…

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100 – A New Beginning

By Nadia Fleury | 12/08/2019 |

In 2012, I started formulating a cream called Dermesence Perfection cream, designed for oily, acne-prone skin. And for years, I struggled in knowing how to promote it for others to have access to the cream. Only recently did I learn that we tend to reenact our parent’s behaviors. My dad, who lost his mom when…

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099 – The Power of a Mastermind Alliance

By Nadia Fleury | 12/01/2019 |

Have you ever wondered what it would take to achieve a blissful life? Through the power of a mastermind, I’ve finally arrived at that place, thanks to my mentor@Pati Maez. I recently had a spiritual experience where I saw my life as being in a sphere. In the center, there’s a propeller. I believe the…

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098 – Do You Know Your Life Purpose

By Nadia Fleury | 11/28/2019 |

On Mother’s day 2016, I received a text message from a friend saying: “Hope Mother’s Day Honors THE You.” As I read the text, it made me wonder. I was so busy doing that I forgot who I was. I set forth to find out what my true life purpose is. Today as the yearend…

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097- Things are not always as they seem

By Nadia Fleury | 11/18/2019 |

While on a business trip, I met Buff, a clean and pleasant veteran, with 25” biceps. We talked for a while, and I really enjoyed the conversation. Before we depart, he gave me his business card and invited me to connect with him next time I’m in town. Well, last week, on Memorial Day, I…

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096 – A tribute to our elders

By Nadia Fleury | 11/11/2019 |

  In this episode, honoring veterans and everyone who has served or is servicing in the military, I draw a parallel between the first world war and my grandmother who thought me that life is full of miracles if we stay attuned.   SharePin0 Shares

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095 – When is it time to let go of expectations?

By Nadia Fleury | 11/04/2019 |

In October, I experienced a full-moon ceremony with my Shaman friend Pati Maez. She introduced me to her culture, and, one more time, I was amazed by the power of the Divine source, where everything is that connects with nature. God speaks in a language that we don’t always comprehend. We are accustomed to believing…

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094 – How to find your voice?

By Nadia Fleury | 10/28/2019 |

It’s one thing to figure out how to solve a problem; it’s something else to feel ready to share with the world that gift. So many things, like our upbringing, negative experiences, and past trauma, have a way to get the better of us. In this episode, I share with you tips on how you…

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