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147 – The Magic Behind Being Grateful

Just like in the novels, there comes a chapter in our lives where we experience conflicts that may cause grief and despair. In this episode, Nadia explains to us how these hardships are inevitably part of life and are necessary for one’s growth. As the saying goes, “The days that break you, are the days that make you.”

Nadia strongly affirms that being grateful can have a huge impact in people’s lives. After all, she herself has experienced its magic. And so, with the spirit of Thanksgiving at heart, Nadia thoroughly explained how one could manage to achieve that kind of success and disposition, despite life’s struggles and challenges.

Overall, learning how to be grateful significantly affects and improves a person’s overall well-being, career, and relationships.

Truly, the magic behind being grateful is a really beautiful message to share, especially during Thanksgiving.

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146 – Are you ready for emotional healing?

I believe that behind many “dis-ease” there’s anger. The challenge is to look for the root cause. Although it’s often time easier to blame others for our frustrations, anger is a feeling that can only be controlled from within, and therefore welcoming emotional healing is an internal choice. In this episode, I share tips on…

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145 – How to overcome setbacks

In the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling under the weather. There was a part of me that wanted to continue and another part that wanted to shut down. Knowing how the growth process works, I chose the latter.

While my body rested, I was wondering why we get setbacks?

What showed up was grief. I realized that before I can start a new chapter, I have to grieve the old. The challenge is that it’s not fun to be in that funky feeling and so easy to create distractions around to avoid the pain. But I stayed true to my feelings and permitted myself not to be well.

In this episode, I share the deeper wisdom as to why patience is a virtue as we have to accept the universe’s timing.

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144- What do you see in the silence?

Last week, I came across an old song, sung by Canadian Pop & Country Singer Roch Voisine: “Je l’ai vu,” which translates to “I saw him,” and it inspired me to share this message today.

The song draws a parallel between where God can be seen and where he is not. As I was listening to it, I thought we are all here for a reason. The challenge is to take the time to discover our life purpose and have the courage to share it.

Another moving part of the song says: “I don’t expect anything from him that I don’t already have.”

As I grasp the meaning, I realized that we are already all that we need to be. The question is, do we feel it in our hearts?

I found it interesting that a song created in 2003 had a way to create ripple effects almost 20 years later. And it’s from this perspective that I’m sharing this message today; that love is all around us. And if at this moment your heart is searching for something, I welcome you to take a moment to pause and be in the silence or watch Roch Voisine’s video:

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143 – Do you let fear limit your growth

Where would you be if you didn’t let fear stop you?

It’s an easy question, but not always easy to discern because fear is often disguised as something else. After a while, we forget that we can do something about it. It all boils down to the choices we make.

Today, I will share my son’s latest development with you and how one new choice in a new direction opened a new world.

He took the logistic position at work. The main challenge was to move 53-foot containers into the warehouse dock. Listen in as I’m sharing how after eight days of boot camp training, his life changed forever.

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