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138 – Lifting the veil of shame

Are you curious to know what your life purpose is or at least what it looks like?

Ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I felt I got a clearer picture of my life purpose. It’s like I’m putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle where the picture is revealed when the pieces are connected.

I spent many years going around the perimeter without being able to see what’s in the middle. Depending on my state of mind, I kept shifting between the right side, which is Avesence, the skincare brand, and the left side, this podcast show. But what was the connection with these two things?

My encounter with Hal and Wendy, mixed with some meditating time while trimming the bushes in the backyard, allowed me to answer my questions.

In this episode, I share my discovery of how shame affected my self worth to a point where it limited my aspiration. Listen in as I share how you can free yourself from old wounds and open your heart to new beginnings.

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137 – How to create your own miracles

I believe the word miracle is a term we use to express something extraordinary that just happened, and we cannot explain what took place. The truth is that there’s always an explanation; it’s just that often time deeds are so far removed from the outcome that we don’t see how we created our own miracles.

In this episode, I share with you the details of how I created my own miracle. It boils down to understanding that everything around us is chemistry, based on Nature’s laws. This information means that miracles can be observed and, once learned, can be replicated.

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135- Where do sins come from?

As a child, I was brought up fearing sins. My mother insisted that God was everywhere watching, and I could be found guilty at any moment. Too young to understand any better, I followed the herd and strived to be a good girl. However, deep inside, I couldn’t understand why I had to fear God.

Later on, I realized that what people saw as sins was a natural curiosity to experience life. So what are sins? Where do they come from?

Well, in the book: “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill, the author asked the Devil this question, and in this podcast, I’m sharing with you the shocking truth as to what sins are.

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134 – What drives you to succeed?

I was at the carwash the other day and an interesting idea crossed my mind. I notice that a car is very similar to human beings.

In this episode, I’m going to share a parallel between a car and our human body. From the spark plugs to the engine, without forgetting the trunk where we may keep unnecessary luggage, we too need a surge of inspiration to make us move forward.

Listen in as I’m taking you to a fun adventure that will lead you to decide what drives you to succeed.

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