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109 – How to cope with emotional numbness

For most of my life, I put my feelings on hold. I assumed everything else around me was more important. The truth is I lived in fear. Fear that I created in my mind.   For years, I look for the outer world to make me feel good and beautiful. In this state of lack, I spent more time…

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108 – Do you take responsibility for your outcomes?

Taking responsibility for your outcome will be the best investment of your life. First, it put you in charge of your destiny. Rather than taking the victim’s role, you get to control what is going on. Now, mind you, I’m when I say “taking control” I mean it from the higher-self, not the ego. Becoming responsible brings initiative,…

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106 – Do you struggle with your (emotional) weight?

Last weekend, as I experienced being in a weightless, magnesium filled water-pool, it made me think how much of our time is consumed about our body mass. Then I wondered how heavy we feel when our mind is filled with negative thoughts. Oftentimes, we worry over the number seen on the scale. In reality, it’s…

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