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102 – The Power of Unconditional Love

Today, I’m going to share the power of unconditional love. I’m doing so because love is at the core of our existence. Only through love can we find happiness. The challenge is where to find true unconditional love? Four years ago, I found happiness and love, not where I expected it, and it didn’t come…

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101 – Releasing vs. Resistance

In the past year, I’ve done my fair share of releasing, mainly releasing expectations from others, false beliefs, and old baggage that was not serving me anymore. Earlier this week, as I was talking with my mentor, Pati, she said: “I was resisting.” Although in the context she was using it, she was correct. However,…

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100 – A New Beginning

In 2012, I started formulating a cream called Dermesence Perfection cream, designed for oily, acne-prone skin. And for years, I struggled in knowing how to promote it for others to have access to the cream. Only recently did I learn that we tend to reenact our parent’s behaviors. My dad, who lost his mom when…

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