083 – Are you letting your fear control your destiny?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/12/2019 |

Anything that is meant to divide, where you feel isolated and alone, it will weaken your ability to grow and…

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082 – Do you cling onto your past?

By Nadia Fleury | 08/05/2019 |

Do you cling onto your past? Are you afraid of letting go of what once was?   In this episode, I’m sharing…

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081 – Taking Flight

By Nadia Fleury | 07/29/2019 |

In this episode, I’m drawing a parallel between the release of a condor into the wild and when, as an…

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080 – Following our intuition

By Nadia Fleury | 07/22/2019 |

Frequently we get a hunch or an awareness that something is not right. We may choose to follow our intuition…

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079 – The power of an idea

By Nadia Fleury | 07/15/2019 |

In this episode, I share with you how Coca-Cola was created. I came across the story in Napoleon Hill’s book…

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078 – A leap of faith

By Nadia Fleury | 07/08/2019 |

A critical ingredient to building an enterprise from the ground up is having faith in your ability. Faith is the…

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077 – How to differentiate between fear and intuition?

By Nadia Fleury | 06/30/2019 |

Have you ever been in a situation where you want something that is being promoted to you, but you are…

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076 – Living in a time warp illusion

By Nadia Fleury | 06/23/2019 |

For most of my life, I lived in a state of mind that kept me in a time warp illusion…

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075 – The Garden of Your Success

By Nadia Fleury | 06/17/2019 |

I want to take a few moments to celebrate Happy Father’s day. Second, I’m also celebrating the 75th podcast episode.…

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074 – The Spirit of Wisdom

By Nadia Fleury | 06/10/2019 |

When we drive and get lost, we have the luxury to pull over and check on google for direction. Or…

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073 – My Boundary Challenges

By Nadia Fleury | 06/03/2019 |

A few months ago, I attended a networking event. It was mainly an older group of women entrepreneur. To my…

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072 – A Sharp Right Turn into Alchemy

By Nadia Fleury | 05/27/2019 |

First, I want to acknowledge that today is Memorial Day and I want to take a moment to say thank…

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071 – Experiencing Oneness

By Nadia Fleury | 05/20/2019 |

I describe Oneness when we feel whole, and we love unconditionally. When we don’t feel whole, we think we are…

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070 – Decide and Grow Rich

By Nadia Fleury | 05/12/2019 |

Your destiny depends on your thoughts, the decision you take and how you act towards them. Even deciding not to…

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069 – Why do we procrastinate?

By Nadia Fleury | 05/06/2019 |

Procrastination is one of the leading cause of why we do not achieve our dream in life.  The deeper question…

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068 – My Reincarnation

By Nadia Fleury | 04/29/2019 |

In this video, I share how in a moment of wisdom I received an insight that led me to financial…

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067 – Rising Above the Ashes

By Nadia Fleury | 04/22/2019 |

In this episode, Nadia shares how she has come full circle with the Hero’s Journey. Nadia has been on a…

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066 – Grieving and growth

By Nadia Fleury | 04/16/2019 |

  Grieving and growth, In the past six months, Nadia discovered that tears are part of the process and not…

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065 – Dancing with the Piranha of uncertainty

By Nadia Fleury | 04/08/2019 |

The path of entrepreneurship is nothing but a long winding road of uncertainty. Often time, the only rudder is your…

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064 – My Hypnotic Epiphanies

By Nadia Fleury | 04/01/2019 |

During this past month, Nadia experienced two hypnotic shows.  The first one with Mark Yuzuik. The second one with De’Anna…

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063 – Why do we need validation

By Nadia Fleury | 03/24/2019 |

During a conversation with Jaime, a book publisher, Nadia got a clear idea of her destiny.  We all have an inner…

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062 – Your Impact in this world

By Nadia Fleury | 03/18/2019 |

What are you willing to do, that will change lives? With several setbacks and challenges, Nadia once again learned a…

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061 – The 5-Minute Pitch

By Nadia Fleury | 03/11/2019 |

Progressing towards financial freedom Nadia is pushing beyond her comfort zone. In this episode, she shares her feeling before and after…

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060 – Creating Serendipity

By Nadia Fleury | 03/04/2019 |

Some people appear to be luckier than others. However, Nadia has new insights. Being lucky has nothing to do with…

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059 – The Power of Focus

By Nadia Fleury | 02/25/2019 |

In this episode, Nadia shares insights from the book: “The One Thing. The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.” By…

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058 – My Barometer of Success

By Nadia Fleury | 02/18/2019 |

Earlier this year, Nadia had met her friend Mick, a man who she wishes to get more involved. However, during…

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057 – A Twist of Fate

By Nadia Fleury | 02/11/2019 |

In this episode, Nadia is sharing how deciding on a whim to show up at networking events can lead to…

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056 – Guilt will Stop your Freedom

By Nadia Fleury | 02/04/2019 |

At the end of the “Your horse is upside down” Nadia revealed that her true issues were not about Randy,…

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055 – Is Your Horse Upside Down?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/28/2019 |

In this episode, Nadia shares how meeting Randy, a marketing expert, brought her a great life lesson. She agreed to…

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054 – Why Negativity Exists?

By Nadia Fleury | 01/21/2019 |

The reason why negativity and pain exist is that it provides energy to propel us into action. Negativity, in a…

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053 – Why Branding Matters

By Nadia Fleury | 01/14/2019 |

In this Episode, Nadia shares the importance of branding your product or service. By taking the time to brand yourself, it…

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052 – Your Emotional Inventory

By Nadia Fleury | 01/07/2019 |

In this Episode, Nadia shares the importance of setting goals as an individual and as a couple.  And if you…

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051 – Are you committed to an Epic New Year?

By Nadia Fleury | 12/31/2018 |

In this Episode, Nadia shares some new insights that came when she had a conversation with her mom.  After the incident,…

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050 – See Seize And The Case Of One Size

By Nadia Fleury | 12/24/2018 |

In this Episode, I’m sharing with you what may stop us from progressing forward in life.  Seeing opportunities is one thing,…

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049 – You Reap What You Sow

By Nadia Fleury | 12/17/2018 |

In this episode, I’m sharing with you how surprised and blessed I was when my 19-year-old son Matthew invited me…

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048 – Living a better life is a choice

By Nadia Fleury | 12/10/2018 |

Nadia draws a parallel between 3 events that brings her closer to understanding that we are all God’s children and…

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047 – My Financial Epiphany

By Nadia Fleury | 12/03/2018 |

Today, Nadia is sharing her financial epiphany she experienced after going through some tough trials and tribulations. It all started…

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046 – Your Birthday Wish

By Nadia Fleury | 11/26/2018 |

Every year, when your birthday comes, you will blow some candles and make a wish.  Does your wish ever get…

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045 – Are you leading with a heart?

By Nadia Fleury | 11/19/2018 |

We often time say “I want to make a difference in this world.”  We sometimes forget that making a difference…

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044 – My entrepreneurial mistakes

By Nadia Fleury | 11/12/2018 |

In today’s episode, Nadia shares her mistakes and struggles as she creates her skincare brand Avesence. If you have any…

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043 – Is your self-worth prevent you from making money?

By Nadia Fleury | 11/05/2018 |

Putting your ask out there, especially as an entrepreneur can be challenging.  Sometimes we look at Social Media or we keep…

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042 – Are you willing to do whatever it takes

By Nadia Fleury | 10/29/2018 |

There is no magic pill to being successful, you must be willing to do whatever it takes? The question is,…

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041 – Assertive Radiance Intro

By Nadia Fleury | 10/22/2018 |

I have to say I’ve come a long way from the day I released the first episode of Happiness: Love…

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040 – My Sexy Gold Necklace

By Nadia Fleury | 10/15/2018 |

During her trip to San Diego, Nadia happened to find a gold necklace on the floor with the word Sexy as…

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039 – Showing up to your success

By Nadia Fleury | 10/08/2018 |

Nadia shares how being in the right place, at the right moment with the right attitude can improve your chance…

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038 – Daring to do something different

By Nadia Fleury | 10/01/2018 |

Have you ever thought of doing something different but you don’t know how to, or you’re afraid? What’s stopping you…

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037 – The 9 Environments of you

By Nadia Fleury | 09/24/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia talks about the “9-Environments of you”, which was created by Thomas Leonard and taught by Phil…

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036 – The law of manifestation

By Nadia Fleury | 09/18/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia shares her thoughts about how the of the law of manifestation can do wonders in our…

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035 – The Diamond Within You

By Nadia Fleury | 09/10/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia helps us open our minds and grasp the diamond within ourselves. She shares some personal experiences…

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034 – How far are you willing to go?

By Nadia Fleury | 09/03/2018 |

What does it take to succeed is determination? Let’s imagine there are 100 people in a room.  All of them…

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033 – The Gift of Time

By Nadia Fleury | 08/27/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia talks about her insights on how valuable time is. As she always says, “time is of…

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032 – You will see it when you believe it.

By Nadia Fleury | 08/20/2018 |

“When we look at successful people, we often time think of them as being born lucky.  In truth, we are…

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031 – Making Love 101

By Nadia Fleury | 08/13/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia took the time to express her insights about making love. For her, making love is not…

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030 – My Blissful Weekend

By Nadia Fleury | 08/06/2018 |

This episode was a blithe celebration of Nadia’s achievement and blissful weekend. Nadia was able to achieve her 30th episode…

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029 – Becoming Supernatural

By Nadia Fleury | 07/30/2018 |

Becoming supernatural doesn’t mean that you have to be different nor you have to become a superhero. In this episode,…

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028 – The Power of Male Female alliance

By Nadia Fleury | 07/23/2018 |

In this episode, we talk about the different energies and ideas that are brought about by the way men and…

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027 – Our Quest For Togetherness

By Nadia Fleury | 07/16/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia shares her thoughts about “our quest for togetherness.” She expounds on the reason as to why…

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026 – Are you the leader of your life?

By Nadia Fleury | 07/09/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia shares her views on how we personally control our lives. As we commemorated the American Independence…

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025 – Crossing The Bridge to Freedom

By Nadia Fleury | 07/02/2018 |

In this week’s episode, Nadia shares her thoughts on crossing the bridge to freedom, prompted by a conversation she had…

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024 – Connecting The Dots

By Nadia Fleury | 06/26/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia shares with us how a childhood dream made her understand that we may sometimes think that…

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023 – Creating Change For the Greater Good

By Nadia Fleury | 06/18/2018 |

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you are the player, referee, the goalie, and you…

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022 – Why We Fear Chemicals

By Nadia Fleury | 06/11/2018 |

In this week’s episode, Nadia addresses the fear of chemicals and bacteria in our lives. It all started from an…

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021 – The Golden Rules

By Nadia Fleury | 06/04/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia shares Napoleon Hill’s views on the Golden Rules. In this episode, Nadia shares her thoughts and insight…

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020 – Closing the Gap

By Nadia Fleury | 05/29/2018 |

In this week’s episode, Nadia shares with us what she learned from the book “The 3 Gaps” by Hyrum W.…

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019 – The Gift Of Life

By Nadia Fleury | 05/22/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia reflects on being a mom on Mother’s day and how each decision impacts your future. TweetShareSharePin0…

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018 – Does your expectation bring happiness

By Nadia Fleury | 05/14/2018 |

In this week’s episode, we talk about one of the things that may or may not pose as a challenge…

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017 – When you lose momentum

By Nadia Fleury | 05/07/2018 |

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016 – My Overnight Success

By Nadia Fleury | 05/01/2018 |

In this week’s episode, we uncover one of the things that we commonly miss in our day-to-day lives, and that…

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015- My Unshackled Sherpa

By Nadia Fleury | 04/24/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia states her views on the need to forego all the things that are holding us down…

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014- Art That Speaks To Your Heart

By Nadia Fleury | 04/16/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia reflects on art creation.  She explains that art comes in many forms and we are all…

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013 – Your true essence is a gift

By Nadia Fleury | 04/09/2018 |

  In this episode, Nadia addresses the importance of the male-female energy and how western media and society had suggested…

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012 – The Four Levels of Love

By Nadia Fleury | 04/02/2018 |

What level of love do you have? Is it something that makes you happy or just something that satisfies you…

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011 – Your Gift

By Nadia Fleury | 03/26/2018 |

Have you ever asked yourself what gifts do you have? Or what would you like to give in this world?…

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010 – Your list of needs

By Nadia Fleury | 03/19/2018 |

  First please note there will be a change in the episode format.  I had many requests to discuss more…

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009 – Are You Committed To Your Happiness

By Nadia Fleury | 03/16/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia explains in order to be happy it requires commitments.  And your choices in life will dictate…

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008 – Your Magical Mind

By Nadia Fleury | 03/14/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia draws a parallel between how in the conscious world we worry about what pollution does to our skin,…

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007 – Addressing your Incompletions

By Nadia Fleury | 03/12/2018 |

In this episode, Nadia explains the importance of completing the things you’ve promised to do — and what happens when you…

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006 – The Power of Releasing | Part 2

By Nadia Fleury | 03/09/2018 |

The Power of Releasing—Part 2 In this episode, Nadia wraps up “The Power of Releasing.” She explains that our mind…

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005 – The Power of Releasing | Part 1

By Nadia Fleury | 03/07/2018 |

THE POWER OF RELEASING — PART 1 In the Power of Releasing (Part 1) Nadia explains being happy can be…

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004 – The Answer Is Within Your Reach

By Nadia Fleury | 03/05/2018 |

  In this podcast, Nadia discusses a moment of awakening when her priorities changed after the birth of her son.…

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003 – How Drifting Lead to Lack of Self-Confidence

By Nadia Fleury | 03/02/2018 |

As with anything in life, if you keep repeating it over and over, regardless if it’s true or not, there…

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002- Your Inner Child

By Nadia Fleury | 02/28/2018 |

ARE YOU WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN? Sometimes we don’t act because we feel we are not ready, we are…

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001 – Love Yourself Back To Life – Intro

By Nadia Fleury | 02/26/2018 |

It this podcast, Nadia Fleury gives insight into what it takes to find emotional and financial freedom. In January 2012,…

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