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157 – A Divine Intervention

There may be no perfect relationship, but there is no fear in love. In this episode, Nadia shares Jasmine’s struggles mainly with her husband, Gray Frost.

Gray used to be kind, loving, and jolly until Jasmine was promoted as Director of Marketing at Disney. Somehow, the day she out-earned Gray was the day he turned resentful and envious.

Soon after, Gray’s grudge turned against himself. Without purpose and direction in life, he sets his eyes on Jasmine, dragging her into a life of misery and unhappiness.

Jasmine found clever ways to cope with Gray during the past few years. But being unemployed due to the pandemic, Jasmine is now more exposed to Gray’s negative treatment and is about to drown in complete surrender — until she experienced a Divine intervention.

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156 – Am I Happy?

Three words, eight letters, one question: “Am I happy?”

A single question indeed, but potent enough to change your life. In this episode, Nadia takes us back into Jasmine’s world and her quest for a happy and meaningful life.

Jasmine doesn’t have it easy. Life can be unkind and cruel regardless of one’s status in life. You may have all the money in the world or be offered the greatest job and still feel unhappy inside.

In this story, we see in Jasmine how sometimes success does not equate with happiness.

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155 – Are you ready for inner transformation

Her “happy-me” moments are when she walks to the park to sip her coffee, leaving behind the thought of cooking or cleaning. Sitting and breathing fresh air allows for some needed time to think and reflect about her life.

In this episode, Nadia narrates a compelling tale about Jasmine’s curiosity, her willingness to act on it, and her courage to choose her own path. Nadia brings us into a world of struggle, growth, and change. It’s a story about you.

Apparently, curiosity didn’t kill the cat. In its complete and unabridged version, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

Nadia is telling us that no change is easy. No growth is ever comfortable. But if nothing ever changed, there’d be no such things as butterflies.

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154 – How to unlock your core values’ magic?

Nowadays, it’s rare for people to get lost in malls, airports, or theme parks because there are directions or roadmaps available. But what about when we lose our way in life? When we feel lost, who do we ask? Who do we turn to when everything seems so uncertain? This is why Nadia shares with us the magic behind knowing your core values.

According to Nadia, knowing your core values helps you know yourself even better. It makes you aware of your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and can help you discern what you want of life. As the great philosopher, Socrates said: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

Financially speaking, being aligned with your core values helps you become wiser and mindful about your business ventures and investments. Personally, your core values serve as a moral compass within you to guide you through deceptive paths and protect you from manipulative people.

Life will always be full of hurdles and challenges, but Nadia shows how core values also serve as an ultimate inspiration to keep you going. Like an eternal flame within that can never be put out, no matter how tough the situation may get.

Overall, Nadia continues to inspire us in this episode by sharing the magic behind knowing your core values, how to unlock it, and how it plays a significant role in your life, success, and happiness.

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153 – Do you dare revealing your true self?

Many suggest to be ourselves, but why so few dare? Most of us still live in fear of what others would think or say. Every day we hide behind our social masks to fit in and be accepted by society. In this episode, Nadia illustrates how courage plays a huge role in conquering your fear. The courage to stand out of the norm and assert yourself, unbothered, and untouched by others’ opinion of you.

Nadia encourages you to trust the process, for it takes time. But when you finally dare to reveal yourself and let go of every pretense, you become lighter in heart and soul. In doing so, it gives you the key to unlocking the door to your happiness.

Remember, no matter what is going on in your life, you have the power to be yourself. The challenge is the willingness to act on it.

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. And there’s no greater freedom than being the master of your own life.

Finally, Nadia reminds us that to live an extraordinary life, you must first choose and decide to live your life extraordinarily.

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