084 – Are you easily persuadable?


I feel we are currently being presented with fake news designed to bring us in a state of lack or in fear. I no longer know who to really believe. Do you feel that too?

For example, let’s take the amount of hype around CBD. The question is, how easily persuadable are you? 

I’m bringing this up because I’m actually wondering who is getting rich and what’s their true purpose? It’s a known fact that for centuries, a few leaders have figured out a way to tame the masses by promoting fear. What fear does, overtime is eroding your self-worth and self-esteem. It starts with your parents and school leaders who expect of you to follow a specific protocol. If you happen to be good at something that your parents feel you will not be able to earn a living doing so, they will discourage you tap into your passion. This situation leads you to follow the mass instead of deciding for yourself. Next thing, you become persuadable to what the media keeps presenting to you.  

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No matter what is going on, there comes a time where you have to choose for yourself. The question is, can you truly trust what you see and hear?

In this episode, I share some advice and wisdom on how you can learn to discern the information given to you. One good way is to listen to your intuition. If it feels painful and fearful, chances are you are being influenced by people who do not have your best interest at heart. On the other side, if it feels peaceful, rewarding, and empowering, then it aligns with the universal truth. Listen in to discover how important it will be for you to pay attention to your intuition.

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