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Posts by Nadia Fleury

Are you stuck in the busyness of your business?

You’ve just finished your last project, and you are proud of your achievements. You took a few days to rest. Now you are back searching for a new client. It’s always the same. You promise to prepare yourself better, but, every six weeks you wake up with the same reality. You just get so busy…

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Why do we procrastinate

What I mean by incompletions are things you always mean to do or tell a friend you will do but never actually get around to. Depending on your level of integrity, not delivering on your words will affect how you think of yourself. When you are awake, you can pretend all you want that everything…

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015 – My Unshackled Sherpa

My Unshackled Sherpa! As I mentioned in episode 13, I grew up in the country. In the early 80s, when I was about 14, many things happened all at once.  My paternal grandfather passed away. Due to the economic recession, in addition to emotional and financial stress, we lost our home. My parents legally separated…

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014 – Art That Speaks To Your Heart

  Over the weekend, I was thinking about art. I got to thinking about how we have admired art for centuries. As I let my mind drift, I wondered where art comes from. And I concluded that it comes from the heart. For many of us, it starts as a hobby, an evening or weekend…

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013 – Your True Essence is A Gift

Femininity, power, energy, feminine, masculine, woman, man, commitment; joy; gratitude; care; love; happiness; confidence; beauty; awaken; acceptance; connect; self love; courage; freedom; gratitude; empowerment; Inspiration; beach, wood, positive, nature, outdoor

 YOUR TRUE ESSENCE IS A GIFT In the previous episode, I said one of the best ways to bring about abundance is to tap into your essence. Today I am going to share, from experience, how understanding the importance of masculine and feminine energy has had a huge impact on my growth. I grew up…

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