189 – The Secret Sauce to Achieving Success in Business and Life No Matter What

In this episode of ‘Assertive Radiance,’ the host, Nadia Fleury, embarks on a journey to discover the secret sauce to success in business and life.

It all starts when Nadia ticks off her friend, Ana: “You piss me off!” she said. “How do you keep maintaining your spirit after so many years of trying to be an entrepreneur without success? Watching you maintaining composure is infuriating.”

For some reason, Nadia’s unwavering determination triggered Ana. But why? Maybe because Ana wished to have more time or sustainable energy? It was certainly not about money because both struggled financially.

Wanting to understand if entrepreneurship had anything to do with this, Nadia looked up the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which said that about 50% of businesses shut down within 5 years, and only 25% of businesses survive 15 years or more.

The lack of success in business was attributed to lack of planning and vision, insufficient funds, poor management of assets, competition, and recession.

But as Nadia reflected, it became apparent that regardless of having a business or being an employee, the majority do struggle with the same thing.

In this episode, Nadia dives into the why the majority of the population struggle with a lack of clarity and vision. Next month, she will address the lack of money.

To understand, Nadia reflected on the evolution of business culture, particularly in the 20th century, where ego-driven leaders prioritized financial gain over well-being. The ‘Superwoman’ archetype emerged, where emotions were suppressed, and perfection was the ideal. As we transitioned into the 21st century, widespread health issues like stress and anxiety became apparent, emphasizing the inadequacy of concealing emotions.

Nadia shares her personal journey, starting her skincare business while adhering to the Superwoman ideal, only to face eventual burnout and dissatisfaction. A heated argument with her husband leads Nadia to seek divine intervention. She anticipated a financial solution for her business but received something entirely different—a life-altering encounter with a man named Phil. Their connection sparks an exercise that releases pent-up emotions, and Phil’s exceptional ‘holding space’ approach has a profound impact. Nadia experiences a transformation that grants her a newfound sense of safety and inner peace, propelling her journey toward success.

In this transformative segment of ‘Assertive Radiance,’ the host delves into a profound realization years in the making. She reflects on two significant divine interventions that were, in retrospect, integral to the Universe’s master plan. Initially perplexed, her scientific mind was challenged by the unexpected turns her life had taken. Over the following weeks, she uncovers the truth about her discontent, realizing how far she had strayed from her authentic self, leading to perpetual frustration. She recognized that her emotional state had an underappreciated impact on her overall happiness.

Phil’s arrival and the newfound awareness he brought marked a turning point. This awareness served as a catalyst for her to break free from the shackles of conventional logic and invest in her personal growth and well-being. The shift in perspective strained her relationship with her spouse, as her pursuit of happiness clashed with his fears, resulting in outbursts of long-suppressed emotions. She found the courage to prioritize her happiness, asserting herself and no longer concealing her emotions. This shift transcended the boundaries of the physical world, leading to a profound awakening. She began to perceive energetic vibrations, filling her with a newfound vitality. The world transformed from a dull, monochrome experience to one of vibrant colors, beauty, and magic. Her sense of connection and compassion deepened, unleashing a powerful wave of love.

About the author, Nadia

Hello, I'm Nadia, a Mindset Mastery Coach and Alchemist.

My passion lies in guiding open-minded individuals who desire to stand out in their own unique and authentic way.

If you find yourself struggling with clarity and facing uncertainty about what's holding you back, I'm here to support you. It might seem like no matter what you do, it's not enough or not working. Together, we'll tap into your inner guidance and intuition, fostering clarity and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

With a focus on mindset, I am dedicated to helping you bring closure to past sufferings, unlocking the door to your healed and authentic self. As we work together, you'll discover the power of your thoughts and beliefs, allowing you to transform limiting patterns and cultivate a resilient, positive outlook on life.

In addition to my coaching expertise, I proudly serve as the CEO and Founder of Avesence® skincare and host the Assertive Radiance podcast. My experience and insights span both the entrepreneurial and personal growth realms, providing a holistic approach to your journey towards success.

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