167 – Are you ready to receive?

Last week Nadia explained her views as to why so many people find it challenging to receive.

In this episode, Nadia ties last week’s insights with a story of transformation from a life of pain and woes toward a life of love, abundance, and happiness. 

According to Nadia, receiving is just as important as giving. And she illustrates this by narrating how she experienced firsthand the series of conflicts and misunderstandings that happened before realizing that a giver cannot give to someone who does not wish to receive.

As Nadia overcomes her predicament, she gains valuable insight into empathizing with people more profoundly. Because when you open your heart to receiving, you become more aware, understanding, and loving to yourself and the people around you. As a result, you create a healthy and strong relationship with yourself and others. 

Finally, Nadia reminds us to have the patience to go through the process. You’d be amazed how a simple change in perception can make the biggest difference in your life.

About the author, Nadia

CEO & Founder of Avesence® skincare, alchemist Nadia Fleury & Podcast Host of Assertive Radiance, mixes ancient wisdom with modern science to connect Beauty, Mind & Soul with Purpose.

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