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How to Overcome Procrastination and Ignite Action

By Nadia Fleury | Jul 19, 2023

Breaking Free from Procrastination: The Epitome of Empowerment Are you stuck in a cycle of procrastination, knowing that something could change your life but struggling to take action? Do you feel that inner tug, urging you to start, yet lacking the energy to begin? Perhaps you’ve already embarked on a meaningful journey, only to lose…

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How to Let go of Stress and Anxiety

By Nadia Fleury | Jul 26, 2022

How to Let Go of Stress and Anxiety? I’ve noticed for a while that more people are affected by stress and anxiety, causing a domino effect. It’s triggering all sorts of symptoms like frustration, anger, a sense of lack, inflation, and war. “Are we stuck living in stress and anxiety for the rest of our…

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Your True Essence is A Gift

By Nadia Fleury | Apr 9, 2018

 YOUR TRUE ESSENCE IS A GIFT In the previous episode, I said one of the best ways to bring about abundance is to tap into your essence. Today I am going to share, from experience, how understanding the importance of masculine and feminine energy has had a huge impact on my growth. I grew up…

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Your Inner Child

By Nadia Fleury | Feb 28, 2018

Your Inner Child Let me illustrate my point with this story. I was looking at a child from where I stand. I cannot tell if it’s a boy or a girl. All I can see is the child playing in a puddle of water. Let’s just say he’s a boy. He’s wearing a raincoat and…

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Love Yourself Back To Life

By Nadia Fleury | Feb 26, 2018

WHY LOVE YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE? You dream of living a successful life. You’ve invested in your career and family only to realize you feel emotionally empty. You are at a crossroads. You know something is missing, but you don’t know what it is. What if the answer was already within your reach? My aim…

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