How to Let go of Stress and Anxiety

How to Let Go of Stress and Anxiety?

I've noticed for a while that more people are affected by stress and anxiety, causing a domino effect. It's triggering all sorts of symptoms like frustration, anger, a sense of lack, inflation, and war.

"Are we stuck living in stress and anxiety for the rest of our lives?" Or is there something we could do to help us live happily ever after, stress-free?

Let's face it, worrying and dreading cloud our imagination which limits us from reaching our full potential.

How to Live a Peaceful, Blissful Life, Stress-Free!

The secret to living a peaceful, blissful life has been shared for hundreds of years, but our busy lives have distracted us from seeing what is right in front of us.

To see, we must dive inward and dig for the root cause. I know it's quite a chore, so I've asked Snow White to come and help me out. What better way to see things from a new perspective than by revisiting an old child's tale?

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In the story, Snow White is the protagonist, and the Evil Queen— Snow White's Step-Mother, wants to kill Snow White because she has outshined the Evil Queen and became the fairest of all.

A Huntsman is hired for the dirty job and brings Snow White into the forest, but at the last minute, he spares Snow White's life and tells her the truth, that the Evil Queen wants her dead, and Snow White must run and hide in the forest.

Part I —Nothing is as it seems

To get down our first excavation layer, we must redefine the characters.

Snow White is you!

The Evil Queen is your negative thoughts. Anything that holds you back in your unconscious mind or wears you down makes you feel heavy, unhappy, stressed, and anxious.

The Mirror on the wall represents the truth.

The Servants are the population as a whole. The people you come across and interact with but not in dept; the ones who bring your orders at a restaurant, the people at the checkout at the grocery store, and so on.

The Huntsman represents the people who enforce rules set by society. The Huntsman is someone who has the right to punish when you don't follow the established rules. And because we fear punishments, we fear them.

The Animals in the forest refer to your intuitions. When connected with our instinct, they are our best allies; however, sometimes, we don't trust our intuition, especially when it suggests doing the opposite of our minds.

The Animals follow the laws of nature and want to guide you in your truth.

Why Don't We Follow Our Instinct?

There are many reasons why today, we value more what appears to be "concrete facts" over listening to our gut instinct.

One of them is that for many centuries, society leaders feared intuitive people. They feared anything they didn't understand, and because leaders had the power to control the masses, they eliminated anything they feared.

The fear of being prosecuted has been passed down from generation to generation, so even today, we are encouraged to keep our intuitive gifts to ourselves.

However, remember that we are not robots; we are humans who make decisions with our emotions but to "fit in," we justify our decisions with our reasoning.

Another reason why we don't pay attention to our intuition is that we don't need them as much when we live in an established routine. We forget about our instincts when we do the same, day in and day out.

The Seven Dwarfs represent your support system, a group of people who wants the best for each other. It could be your real or surrogate family. In business, it's your sounding board, coach, or mastermind group.

The Evil Step Mother Disguised as a Wicked Witch represents Mother Nature. A force to be reckoned with, something you can't control like the weather, hurricane, fire, viruses, or a health crisis.

The poison Apple represents a new challenge you must face, usually laden with fear. It could be an unexpected bill to pay, a struggle with someone you love, dealing with a separation or divorce, moving away from family, or losing your job.

The poison Apple triggers all sorts of emotions like stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, hurt, sadness, and grief.

The Prince's Kiss is a positive, loving trigger that takes you beyond your fears. It usually comes in the form of a jolt through awareness. You suddenly see a bigger picture. An aha moment. A flash, a light bulb, a hunch. As your mind awakens, the fear dissolves, and the poison has no more grip on your soul.

When experienced, it feels as if your heart has been ripped from your chest, dipped into a heart cleaning solution, and put back. It's pure oneness.

Let's go back to the story with our new characters!

Lured by the Evil Queen disguised as an old witch, Snow White takes a bite of the poison apple and falls to the ground, apparently dead.

Then the Seven Dwarfs are stricken with grief. They make a beautiful coffin and visit Snow White, day and night, for a very long time.

Then the Prince shows up, kisses Snow White, and she wakes up and lives happily ever after.

A Gap in the Story

Oopsie-daisy! There's a huge gap in the story. What really happened to Snow White? Let's revisit the story from her perspective.

Part II —Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

While unconscious, Snow White has a dream. She's sitting in an IMAX theater about to watch her life story.

She sees herself, as a young child, punished without understanding why. It seems that the Queen is never happy no matter what Snow White does.

The movie broadens, giving Snow White a new perspective. She doesn't just see herself; she sees everyone who has played a part in her life.

That's when she realizes the Castle's servants love her very much and wants the best for her. They even protected her from the Evil Queen, risking their job security, which caused a lot of stress and anxiety. All servants are walking on eggshells in fear of causing any outburst.

Then she sees how the Evil Queen, filled with jealousy, anger, and insecurities, diminishes Snow White by telling her lies, mainly that she's worth nothing and how much she's a burden to everyone around.

Then Snow White sees herself begging for her life, and the Huntsman defying the Queen's orders, lets her go. Not only that, but he also tells her the truth, to run and hide in the forest.

Then Snow White discovers the Seven Dwarfs' cottage. Away from the Evil Queen, she unravels old false beliefs. Then, she proceeded to rebuild her life with her new friends.

Sometimes later, the Queen asks the magic Mirror, telling the truth that Snow White is still alive in the forest.

The Queen is livid. She disguises herself as a wicked witch and sets to kill Snow White herself.

In the theater's seat, Snow White screams— "Oh! My! The Evil Queen, She's killed me."

The movie stops.

A tall man comes and sits next to Snow White. Nobody else is in the theater except them two.

Snow White is startled at first, but then she notices he's wearing a white robe, and his body glows in the dark; it's as if he had come out of the movie.

Puzzled, Snow white asks: "who are you?"

With a smile, the man responded, some people call me God; others may say I'm your higher consciousness.

Snow White smiled back at him and asked: "am I dead?"

"At the moment, your body appears dead, but you are transcending."

"What does that mean?" Asked Snow White.

"To explain what is happening, I must explain different dimensions."

Third Dimension

"Most of the population lives in the 3rd dimension, with our senses. It's a dimension where many have replaced their intuitions with what appears as facts and believe in polarity or duality like good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, rich vs. poor, victim vs. victimizer, and power vs. powerless.

"In this dimension, it's challenging to feel at peace inside because the mind is too preoccupied to compare, judge, compete and justify with one another. It's as if to win; someone else has to lose. That's when fear, stress, anxiety, or other discomforting symptoms appear.

"Of course, not everyone attaches the same importance to the outcome. Nevertheless, it's not easy to cope with life in the 3rd dimension, especially when you are judged "not good enough." Centuries of shame, blame, and fear of judgment and punishment have weakened people's self-worth and self-esteem. And when you don't regard your "self" as worthy, it triggers lots of insecurities.  

"To cope with low self-worth and self-esteem, some turn to narcotics, drugs, alcohol, or other kinds of addiction. None of these tactics work on the self. All it does is create an illusion that weakens the mind and leads to disempowerment.

"No one can say they are truly happy when they live with stress and anxiety. It creates disharmony where the mind, body, and soul are not one with themselves.

"Nevertheless, people in duality are unaware that their suffering is self-inflicted. Remember, they believe they are not good enough and fear others will know about it. To conceal their feelings, they showcase themselves in a better light through lies and self-deception. Without realizing it, people start living at the mercy of each other.

"As you've just watched, the Evil Queen is driven by her insecurities. What is insecurity but fear? The Queen is not sure she's good enough, smart enough, and wealthy enough. She stole power through manipulation, seduction, and rendering others powerless to appear stronger. It worked for a while, putting her mind into a false sense of security.

"Time passed, assuming she would always be the fairest of all until one day, she asked the magic mirror, and it told her the truth, Snow White, had become the fairest of all.

"The Evil Queen wasn't prepared. She felt as if someone had pulled the carpet from underneath her feet.

"The shock upsets her so much that she decides to do the only thing she can think of. To destroy the threat by killing you, Snow White.

"So, the Evil Queen hired a Huntsman. But, as we know, her plans didn't work. Why? Because she forgot that every human being has one power: to choose."

"Why does the Queen want to kill me?" Asked Snow White.

"The Evil Queen lives in duality. Remember, she doesn't believe she's good enough, creating a feeling of lack.

"So, when the Mirror told her the truth, it rattled her insecurities. She's afraid to be powerless. Remember, she believes power makes her strong, but power is not empowerment.

"Empowerment is a state of mind that fills the soul from within, whereas power is simply a current, energy, a force. Power can be used for good or evil. It's the mind that gives power a direction.

"The Evil Queen, filled with insecurities, grabbed power thinking it would strengthen her but instead, it has amplified her feeling of not being good enough. As long as she's holding on to power, she will keep wearing herself from the inside out, causing stress and anxiety for herself and everyone around her."

"Oh, my! I'm scared. I must hide even further away in the forest because she will always try to come after me, no matter where I am." Said Snow white in a terrified voice.

"Well, that's one way to see things, but what if the Evil Queen lived in your mind—that she's part of your own dialogue? Hiding or avoiding a situation doesn't bring peace of mind. All it does is bring more stress and anxiety. Think about it, if you hide in the forest, you will always dread, wondering when the Evil Queen will show up."

"But I don't understand; if the Evil Queen is part of me, how can I free myself from this kind of entanglement? I seem to be caught in a loop. On one side, I want to live a happy, stress-free life, but how can I be at peace if I'm afraid and anxious?" Said Snow white, concerned.

"Snow White, what you are experiencing right now is the fear energy from the 3rd dimension, the world of duality.

What we fear most is the unknown, not knowing. Not just about knowledge; it's about an inner knowing. Once you know inside of you that you are capable, fear releases its grip. You become self-confident."

"But how can I become self-confident; I don't have the Queen's power?" said Snow White, uncertain.

"You are already self-confident. You are just not aware of it at the moment.

"While you found yourself at the mercy of the Huntsman, you did something you never did before. You voiced your opinions; you negotiated with him and asked for mercy.

"As you pleaded for your life, something shifted inside you. That shift is the inner knowing. In that moment, pushed against all odds, you stopped seeing yourself as a victim. You realized you were much more powerful than you were led to believe. You stood up to your fears and took charge of your own destiny.

"Your courage shifted your mind from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and so did the Huntsman's mind. Both of you became conscious of something you didn't know before; both of you have choices.

Fourth Dimension

"In the 4th dimension, people are neither good nor bad—their actions lead to a good or bad deed.

"Everyone tries to be the best version of themselves. When people realize they have made a mistake, they don't need to hide, lie, or justify it; they address it. When the Huntsman realized what he was about to do was immoral, he chose to spare your life. Not only that, but he also told you the truth.

"Truth awakens and frees the mind from fear.

"Although you were still alive and free from the Evil Queen, you were still left stranded in the wood. At first, you were scared of the animals, which can be seen as your inner guidance, your intuitions. Feeling uneasy when faced with a new environment is normal, but you hung on. You didn't give up to fear.

"Gradually, you became more attuned to your instinct which guided you to the Seven Dwarfs' little cottage. And there, you formed a friendly alliance with them.

"To contribute to the whole, you suggested helping with house chores and cooking while they went to work and provided a safe place for you to stay.

"Away from the Evil Queen's thoughts and surrounded by kind people, it boosted your morale and allowed you to see things from a new perspective. A mind at peace can see the truth much clearer than a troubled mind; therefore, you realize you were not what the Queen had said. Gradually you discovered who you are, which gave you poise and self-confidence."

"I certainly don't feel poise at the moment after biting into the poison apple," said Snow White, feeling sheepish. 

"Snow White, life is and will always be unpredictable. Living is learning to navigate through challenges. It's how we evolve and grow. So, yes, you have bitten into the apple, but within the poison, there's something of an equivalent advantage. Your mind can turn any poison into an elixir of life."

"But how can I do that when I'm lying in a coffin, unconscious and poisoned," said Snow White, exasperated.

"You must see your unconsciousness as a moment to pause. Resting allows for healing and restoration. When we shift in consciousness, the mind has to adjust. What you assume to be true has new meanings; therefore, the mind must release false beliefs that are no longer valid or useful.

"Although challenging, letting go is an important part of a life cycle. There might be an internal struggle between the fear of losing something over the excitement of gaining something new. Letting go creates room for what's new to come.

"In the 3rd dimension, Snow White, you appear unconscious; however, you don't awaken with your senses; you awaken with your awareness. We are having this conversation because you have transcended to the 5th dimension."

"How did that happen?" Asked Snow White, curious.

"When your mouth touched the poisoned apple. The shock forced you to awaken."

"What's the 5th dimension?" Asked Snow White.

Fifth Dimension

"It's the dimension of love and oneness. Here there's no duality and separation. Everything is interconnected. It's to understand that you can't have the fruit without the root, the earth, the rain, the bees, and someone to collect it.

"It's to understand also that you are one with the Evil Queen.

"The idea is not to destroy the Queen nor try to take her powers away. It's an invitation to heal your foundation by returning home, in the center of yourself and your truth.

"You have been taught many things from childhood to now; some of the information was untrue. But you didn't know until you started watching your own IMAX movie. Learning is the awakening part, where you see the truth for what it is. It brings in you a greater understanding.

"No one can destroy nor hide the truth indefinitely. The truth is always within you, but something has to happen to see it. In your case, you've bitten into the poisoned apple.

"The first step is healing the foundation to neutralize the poison using love and Faith.

"When love and Faith are mixed with whatever was in the poison, it casts a beam of light and opens the way to the truth —that you, Snow White, are loved beyond measure, deserve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and live stress-free.

"As you discover that you are enough, so does the Queen. There is no more "evil" —knowledge changes how you see everything around you.

"The 5th dimension also invites you to step into your divine light. I know you were having an amazing time with your new friends, the Seven Dwarfs; however, since you no longer need to hide, you have the freedom to come back home to your own kingdom, where you could enlighten your whole community and delight the people who always loved you for who you are."


God's words touched Snow White deeply. At last, she understood. She hugged God with all her heart and then arose from her dream, feeling transformed and empowered.

And ever since that dream, Snow White has lived happily ever after, stress-free!

Are you ready to live stress-free?  

About the author, Nadia

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