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017 – When you lose momentum

In this episode, Nadia continues sharing her journey into self-realization, this time describing one of her experiences with her friend Paprika. Delighted with her immediate and future success, shared on episode 15 “My overnight success,” Nadia couldn’t help but feel ecstatic.

However, throughout, the evening, friction started to arise as Paprika challenged Nadia’s views on her faith and beliefs.

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Feeling exasperated, Nadia decided to show “Paprika” her blueprints and plans on her computer to prove that her ideas were backed with a sound plan. At that point, the conversation became more abrasive sending Nadia into fear and self-doubt, losing her momentum and questioning her existence.

Nadia had to use many tricks, to get out of this negative state of mind, tapping into the four Archetype that we have inside us; the Lover, the Warrior, the Queen, and the Wizard. These personas are all within us and portray a different character within us, leading to very different outcomes in life. The ability to tap into these archetypes drives us to achieve our goals.

After coming out of this turmoil, Nadia understood the deeper message. What was shared had nothing to do with the actual conversation. Paprika is simply not ready to visualize her dreams because the fear of being disappointed is too great to bear if it doesn’t materialize.

In retrospect, getting feedback from our closest friends or family may lead us closer to self-realization. We should not take these feedbacks lightly, as often time there is hidden wisdom within the message. And even though sometimes our friend may say something that hurt us, accepting to see the real meaning behind it may bring insights that will lead you to greater achievements in your life.

About the author, Nadia

I’m Nadia Fleury, Executive Alchemist Coach and CEO of Avesence® skincare. I create unique strategic roadmaps educing highly-motivated entrepreneurs from confusion to clarity by mixing ancient wisdom with modern science and business know-how to achieve greater success with peace of mind.

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