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030 – My Blissful Weekend

This episode was a blithe celebration of Nadia’s achievement and blissful weekend. Nadia was able to achieve her 30th episode and was so grateful that she just simply wants to share with everyone how she has taken things positively nowadays.


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Nadia shared how wonderful her weekend had been; her mentor paid her a visit despite his busy schedule, she was able to reconnect with her friend, Kim, and she had a happy weekend well spent with her son and ex-husband. But, after so much happening during the weekend, Nadia still gave herself some time to relax and unwind.

Wrapping it up, she shared some good points as to what she had learned about using her “me time”. She had made decent decisions and had felt glad that she gave time for herself too. Another helpful insightful episode from Nadia and her exploration of her new self.


About the author, Nadia

I’m Nadia Fleury, Executive Alchemist Coach and CEO of Avesence® skincare. I create unique strategic roadmaps educing highly-motivated entrepreneurs from confusion to clarity by mixing ancient wisdom with modern science and business know-how to achieve greater success with peace of mind.

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