026 – Are you the leader of your life?

In this episode, Nadia shares her views on how we personally control our lives. As we commemorated the American Independence Day, Nadia was celebrating her Freedom. She further explains her insights on how we can be the leader of our life.

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According to Nadia, freedom starts in our heart, in our state of mind and in how we feel about ourselves. Usually, people would make a decision based on their situations and in some instance, the choices are based on fear in mind.

Nadia makes a parallel with her friend Erica who has done her best to support her two kids but still struggles in finding happiness.
The truth is we have a choice although they are not always easy choices; the key is to stay open to options.

Happiness is a choice; you cannot predict what might happen; however, you can choose how you will react to a given situation. You just have to take charge of your own life regardless of what your status might be. Diving in and addressing the root-cause is the real solution to find a place of happiness within.

This episode is a reminder of how we lead our life. It’s another valuable lesson from Nadia Fleury that everyone following this podcast could use in loving yourself back to life.

About the author, Nadia

Hello, I'm Nadia, a Mindset Mastery Coach and Alchemist.

My passion lies in guiding open-minded individuals who desire to stand out in their own unique and authentic way.

If you find yourself struggling with clarity and facing uncertainty about what's holding you back, I'm here to support you. It might seem like no matter what you do, it's not enough or not working. Together, we'll tap into your inner guidance and intuition, fostering clarity and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

With a focus on mindset, I am dedicated to helping you bring closure to past sufferings, unlocking the door to your healed and authentic self. As we work together, you'll discover the power of your thoughts and beliefs, allowing you to transform limiting patterns and cultivate a resilient, positive outlook on life.

In addition to my coaching expertise, I proudly serve as the CEO and Founder of Avesence® skincare and host the Assertive Radiance podcast. My experience and insights span both the entrepreneurial and personal growth realms, providing a holistic approach to your journey towards success.

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