033 – The Gift of Time

In this episode, Nadia talks about her insights on how valuable time is. As she always says, “time is of the essence,” especially when it comes to building relationships, not just an intimate relationship but even as simple as friendship.
She shared her opinions about the movie “Our Souls at Night,” where two people, after 40 years, found each other’s company to be a great relationship. She pointed out some excellent points about acting now instead of waiting.


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In line with that, Nadia also pooled the relationship that she’d built with her neighbor, Nixza. Nadia and Nixza’s relationship was impressive as they have become family. They have learned the importance and value of having each other by their side, not just because they need something with each other, but simply because they wanted to.

Another icebreaker that will make us contemplate on what we are doing with our time. We always wanted to achieve something, even in our ripest age, and yet, we forgot to use the time somehow to build relationships and be happy. Another excellent podcast from Nadia, hoping that everyone following this is just steps away from leading a happy and fulfilling life through the use of our valuable time!


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