032 – You will see it when you believe it.

“When we look at successful people, we often time think of them as being born lucky.  In truth, we are all born starting somewhere, and it’s up to us to rise above and find ways to turn any adversity into something positive. It begins with the ability to believe.”

In this episode, Nadia dives in depth in one of a coaching call she had with Tal Shai, psychotherapist, and an Intuitive Business Coach on April 2014. During that call, Nadia experienced a vision of her future.  She tells us the story of how she met a spirit animal named crow-medicine.

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At the time, she didn’t understand many of the principles of the messages. She had a choice, to trust it or to forget about it.  Because of her deep longing to find happiness and freedom, she put her faith in the wisdom of what was revealed to her even though it didn’t make sense.

All of us have a story; it’s part of our journey. The journey to self-discovery is the most challenging and the most rewarding at the same time. Are you ready to explore your own journey?


About the author, Nadia

Hello, I'm Nadia, an alchemist and intuitive business coach.

My mission is to support passionate individuals like you who have a burning desire to stand out in your own unique and authentic way, but may be struggling with clarity and feeling unsure about what's holding you back. It can feel as though no matter what you do, it's not enough or not working. My goal is to help you tap into your inner guidance and intuition, gain clarity, and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

In addition to coaching, I am also the CEO and Founder of Avesence® skincare and the host of the Assertive Radiance podcast. I'm here to offer my experience and expertise to help you on your journey towards success.

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