034 – How far are you willing to go?

What does it take to succeed is determination?

Let’s imagine there are 100 people in a room.  All of them are invited to work with a mentor that is willing to teach every step of the way how to achieve anything you desire, wealth, love or happiness.

Off the bat, 20% will have “excusitis.”  They will not believe this to be true or possible.


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Of the 80% remaining, 20% – 16 people will make an initial attempt to learn and apply the information for about two weeks and then decide “it’s just too big of a commitment for me right now.” Then they’re gone.

Of the 64 people who remain, 32 people (or 50%) will give up halfway through the program (or earlier). They usually last around the 3 to 6 months. These people really do want to succeed, except they lack commitment.

Of the 32 people remaining – 90% (or 29 people) will go on their own tangent, hit one major roadblock, often related to the lack of money and they will stop there.  These 29 people will stop mostly because of fear.

Of the original 100 people, only three will make it through the finish line.

Do you have what is required to be one of the 3 people? 

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