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081 – Taking Flight

In this episode, I’m drawing a parallel between the release of a condor into the wild and when, as an entrepreneur, we take that leap of faith to jump in order to soar into new heights.

Taking flight takes place inside your heart.  You soar when the mind, heart, and soul are in total alignment.  You do and share what you love, and in doing so, it helps you grow.

Often, we take a pause just before we jump into the unknown. At that moment, we wonder. Will I make it, will I succeed? Will people laugh at my attempts?

And sometimes, without realizing, it’s when we choose to step in and let go of what they might think, that we become their champion.  Taking actions takes courage, and in the process, we give other people the confidence it can be achieved.

So don’t wait to achieve your next milestone, jump in, and make it happen.


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About the author, Nadia

I’m Nadia Fleury, Executive Alchemist Coach and CEO of Avesence® skincare. I create unique strategic roadmaps educing highly-motivated entrepreneurs from confusion to clarity by mixing ancient wisdom with modern science and business know-how to achieve greater success with peace of mind.

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