082 – Do you cling onto your past?

Do you cling onto your past? Are you afraid of letting go of what once was?  

In this episode, I’m sharing my friend Emma’s struggle in taking care of her aging mom and how much it takes a toll on her health.

As she shared some details, I noticed her struggles were related to clinging onto the past. 

It made me wonder why do we hold on to the past? In the case of Emma, her refusal to accept the change created resistance; as if trying to contain the river’s flow.  Rather than accepting the new reality, her resistance was converted into drama, causing health issues.

As I look closer into the situation, it came to me that we may choose to cling onto the past because we fear that if we let go, something inside us will be missing.  

The deeper question is, how often do we stick to the old because we are afraid of the unknown? How much more would you achieve if you would let go of a past that is no longer supporting you?

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In my quest for freedom, I’m choosing to release any attachment to anything and doing so is scary. During this transition, I live with no certainty. I have no idea how long it will take to transition from what I know to my next destination. I do not know if the future will be better or worse than in my past. And there lies the fear of letting go. In some cases, not knowing feels worse than the current reality.

Sometimes we use alibis to keep us in the status quo. Rather than saying we are not ready to face the unknown, we chose to wait for someone or some lucky breaks. 

Listen in to find out tips on how to keep a healthy disposition while faced with the constant changes and new challenges that life brings.

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