003 – How Drifting Lead to Lack of Self-Confidence

As with anything in life, if you keep repeating it over and over, regardless if it’s true or not, there will come a time when you’ll start believing your own story. Whether it’s based on fact or not is irrelevant. If you’re saying it long enough, you’ll start believing it’s true. And there was a lot of that going on in my life. Over time, it affected my self-worth and my self-confidence.

To explain what took place, I discuss an excerpt from the book Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. The book was written in 1938 after the Great Depression.

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In the book, the Devil explains that his part in life is the negative energy that lives in the minds of people who fear him. He occupies one half of every atom of physical matter, in every unit of mental and physical energy. He is basically the negative portion of an atom.
On the opposite side, there is God. God controls the positive factors and all the natural laws throughout the universe. He is the positive side of the atom. God is the positive forces of the world, which includes love, faith, hope, and optimism. The Devil explains that his job is to lure as many people as possible over to the negative side by occupying the unused space of the human brain.
The Devil uses fear and other sorts of bribes or motives to subdue you to a point where you no longer think for yourself. And when you’re in that zone, you’ll be taken over by the law of compensation — meaning you will “reap what you sow.” That’s why it’s important to understand that everything you do and everything around you is energy.



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