071 – Experiencing Oneness

I describe Oneness when we feel whole, and we love unconditionally.

When we don’t feel whole, we think we are lacking something. It shows up as a lack of self-love. Most of the time, we don’t know this is what’s going on as we are not aware of our state of mind.

Depending on how affected we are, we will react differently to life’s challenges.  We may live with resentment and frustration in our heart.

What triggered this episode is because last week I went to get so professional photos taken. And I was so happy to see the results. It’s the first time in 49 years that I can see my true beauty.

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In the past, when I would look at my photos, my eyes would only see what was wrong with them instead of looking at the overall effect.
It goes to show that what I saw had everything to do with my inner state of being.

In 2016, I felt stuck and frustrated with my life, that is until I met Phil Black, who changed my perspective and my life.

For some reason, the synergy between the two of us, mixed with a new awareness that he was teaching that night, triggered an inner portal which opened a spiritual path. I saw myself reconnected to the Holy Spirit and God.

This was when I experienced Oneness, where there is no duality, no right and wrong, no good and bad, no male and female. I went from feeling broken to feeling whole. This is where I saw my true values. With this renewed energy, I tapped into my feminine powers to lead from a place of calm and certainty, which is a must in business.

Experiencing Oneness gave me the energy to change what wasn’t supporting my growth.

If you feel stuck and frustrated in your situation, stay open and curious as you never know when a guide or a teacher will show up opening your mind to your conscious awareness.

To realize your dreams, tap in your inner being with love and kindness. Take the time to assess your values, what you stand for and against.

If you feel stuck and wonder where you are heading, I can guide you. Just schedule a free 30-minute call using this link http://bit.ly/asknadia.

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