054 – Why Negativity Exists?

The reason why negativity and pain exist is that it provides energy to propel us into action. Negativity, in a small dose, becomes a stimulant, it brings challenges, and as a human being, we thrive in achieving new things.  Too much negativity becomes toxic.

I believe there’s a correlation between the leading causes of death and our state of mind, especially when we think negatively about life. I don’t really know why some people are more prone to be negative, and others are more positive, I think some of it has to do with our upbringing.  Seeing our parents doing it, we assume it’s normal until it becomes too painful.  The pain will set an action in motion.  You start growing more aware.  You now start paying more attention to the subtle clues that something is not right.  Remember, your heart knows something is not correct; the thing is we let our mind reason it out. For fear to rock the boat, you start believing the problem is you.

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Another challenge we have is we don’t want to cause more problem or create a fight. We are also taught to be polite and respect our parents or our superiors at work. When they are the one who brings negativity in our life, we feel we have to take it.

When we are surrounded by negativity for an extended period, we assume the behavior as being normal. We live, we go through the motion.  We even bring the blame onto ourselves. Or we feel we should be stronger.  We shield our heart to prevent being hurt again.

If this is your situation, listen in as I’m going to share insights on how you can live a more fulfilled life.

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