022 – Why We Fear Chemicals

In this week’s episode, Nadia addresses the fear of chemicals and bacteria in our lives.

It all started from an incident that happened to her on Friday which challenged her own mindset. This episode goes to show that our fears aren’t always what they seem.

We tend to think that naturally derived materials may be better than synthetic ones. As Nadia wittily puts it, we are surrounded by natural chemical reactions like biodegradation and fermentation. But these reactions are often produced in labs. Whether you are afraid of those synthetic chemicals or not boils down to your mindset.

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Nadia explains that even inside us, we have as many, if not more, bacteria cells as human cells in our body. Then what compels some people to fear germs and use antimicrobial soap?

Depending on how we feel—fearful, stressed, or fulfilled—our body will produce different chemicals in different ratios. So it is important to pay attention to what you tell yourself as you will attract more of what you think.

Another great podcast for another great week, wishing everyone well and a healthy mindset!



About the author, Nadia

Hello, I'm Nadia, an alchemist and intuitive business coach.

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