078 – A leap of faith

A critical ingredient to building an enterprise from the ground up is having faith in your ability. Faith is the antidote to fear and is the light that guides you while traveling towards uncertainty. We receive messages as gut feelings and hunches. The message is always there; however, not easy to pay attention when we are distracted.

A few weeks ago, as I visited my ex. Husband and my son, I noticed many items I left behind, and as I was reminded of that, it made me wonder what the message I was receiving at that moment was. A whisper came through me saying that I needed to let go of anything that is not supporting my growth.

I had to be willing to take a conscious look at what was in the way of my progress. After a careful analysis of my situation, the one thing I had to let go was my apartment and its meaning.

A similar situation may be experienced when working for a company, and all the signs are telling you it’s time to leave. Either because you are not progressing forward or the overall energy brings you down.

The idea to give away the things we are most attached to is not easy because we don’t know and cannot anticipate what is on the other side. When faced with this sudden need for a huge shift, the only thing that will guide you though is having a leap of faith that what will be on the other side will be greater. After all, if we keep doing the same thing, we cannot expect different results.

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As an analogy, imagine blowing hot air into a hot air balloon that is restrained to the ground. No matter the amount of energy used, the balloon will not soar. It’s the same with our life.

I’m aware that this is easier said than done. When it dawned on me that it was time to leave the apartment, I was terrified of the idea. It felt I had failed. What gave me strength and courage was a passage from the book “Think and Grow Rich,” written by Napoleon Hill:

“More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.”

If you are currently feeling challenged with what is going on in your life, I welcome you to listen in to this episode as it will give you insights on how to maneuver around life’s turbulence with a leap of faith.


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