103 – Can you truly be free if you seek to control?

My son recently got his driving license and last Saturday, he drove me to the movie. As he drove, I noticed how “out of control” I felt. Then it made me wonder how much “in control” I want to be vs. having freedom.

For instance, if I want to be free, meaning being able to do as I want and go where I want, I’ve got to let my son become a self-sufficient man. This is a no brainer as I’ve been letting him do pretty much what he wants – hence why we have a great relationship.

However, the driving incident made me wonder about my quest to be financially free. It dawned on me that there’s a fine line between freedom and control.

For instance, do I want to be in charge of a company where my employees are all lined up at my desk asking for what to do next or do I take the time to create systems and procedures in place?

Then, my thought drifted to my early 20’s when I was in a relationship with a very jealous man and I realize now how negative emotion can prevent someone from being free.

From my experience this weekend, I realized the importance of self-control to achieve freedom. I’m curious. What’s your point-of-view on this subject?

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