115 – A Balancing Act with Mother Nature

As a scientist, I struggled for a long time on how to share my message. Especially with the skincare line.  I felt trapped between wanting to share the truth and telling people what they want to hear.  

The next question would be: “Is there any chemical in your product.”

The truth is that everything is a chemical, no matter if it’s naturally-derived or synthetic. 

Think of it for a moment. Every hormone, like adrenaline and oxytocin, are chemicals. You have over thousands of chemicals in your body that are there to keep you alive.  This is why when we meet someone we love we say: “We had so much chemistry together.”

All that said, I know not everyone is a scientist.  So when someone inquires if a skincare product is natural, the alchemist in me takes the time to really wonder “what’s my client really asking?”

And usually, it’s reassurance, peace of mind. She wants to feel safe in her choice.  Remember what I said last week on the 7 basic fears. One of them is the fear of being sick.  And the other one is fear of criticism. We don’t want to be wrong when we buy products.

In the past 10 years, we have asked chemists to jump through hoops to create what didn’t make sense because the consumer was looking for products with no chemical-sounding ingredient.  For instance, sodium lauryl sulfate – which is the main ingredient in soap. It’s what cuts the grease on your hands – the best protection to minimize the propagation of the coronavirus.

In the past 10 years, we have developed through fear of the unknown, a paranoia over chemicals. In reality, we fear what we don’t comprehend.  

The truth is that scientists are here to create something that is safe for the environment and safe for humans and our pets. We understand pH, safe dosage, and what can be mixed and not mixed together and in which proportion.

Now, you may wonder what does my story have to do with what is currently going on.  I feel we are witnessing a Tipping-Point – a moment in time where Mother Nature is rebalancing everything.

I am wondering what Mother Nature is telling us. I believe that Mother Nature is telling us that it’s time to bring balance. To bring all of us in oneness.

To harmonize in a positive way. To join forces in controlling the spread of the virus.

And above all.  We are all here to play an important part.  Each of us was given an unusual gift, a specific talent.  And it’s up to us to develop it to the best of our abilities.

Why exactly has Mother Nature decided to lash us with the Coronavirus? I don’t have the answer. I believe she’s giving all of us an opportunity to press reset on our lives.  And it’s up to each of us to look for what is the gift within the crisis.

Personally, I feel it’s helping scientists be heard and respected again. 

From another perspective, I think Mother Nature is sending us a reminder that about a hundred years ago, measles, polio, chickenpox, and many other contagious diseases were a constant worry.

Then scientists created vaccines to provide immunizations and protection against these contagious diseases.

In the past 10 years, there has been a trend where many new parents are concerned with the way vaccines are preserved and don’t want to provide immunizations to their children.

The fear of chemicals has become greater than the fear of contagious diseases.

I personally don’t believe there is such a thing as either good or bad chemicals. Just like we cannot blame gravity if we fall off a tree and injure ourselves.  We have to relate to nature’s laws, not the other way around. 

When it comes to chemistry or ingredients, it all boils down to how it’s used and how humans decide to interact with them. It’s not the chemical that is bad – they just exist.  It’s what humans decide to do with them that can have good or bad consequences. And this applies to everything we do. This is why what matters most is not the chemical itself but what you think – and what you feel.

Let’s take tobacco for example.  The tobacco plant exists. And the manipulation of the plant into a smokable product exists and you also, as a person have the choice to inhale it or not.

Is there anyone to blame?  That’s not for me to decide. It’s up to you.  The deeper question here is what’s in your mind that makes you want to use, create or consume such a product?

This brings me to share a passage from Joe Dispenza’s book: “Breaking the habit of being yourself.”  The information is at the end of chapter 14.

The reason why I shared this passage of Dr. Joe Dispenza is that, although the Coronavirus has taken many lives, the leading cause of death is still heart-related diseases, closely followed by cancer.  

And although millions die each year, the world didn’t stop. Why?  Because up until now, it was accepted as being normal.

However, the Coronavirus has brought a moment in time where we all got the chance to press reset – especially if you are tired of doing something that is no longer supporting your aspiration.  

The first step is to become conscious.  What do we truly want? What is running your life? What is it that keeps us from living a stressful life?

As Dr. Dispenza said, we have been conditioned for years to assume that living under stress is normal when in reality, stress is telling your body that you are not in balance.

I feel the whole world has reached the tipping point – the pendulum is now swinging back creating a new moment in time 

Remember what I shared last week about the environment and thought-habits mixed with hypnotic rhythm.  

I’m sharing this message because we all have the ability to think for ourselves. The sad truth is that only 2% think for themselves.  The rest follows. This is why people went crazy shopping.

My aim is to bring awareness and to help you find happiness and peace of mind. Let’s face it, life will not return to normal. Yesterday no longer exists.  It’s what happens when we suddenly grow. We can’t go back to the past. And I believe Mother Nature wants all of us to live a healthier life and she’s giving us time for inner reflection.

I know many of you are struggling with fear of uncertainty. 

Not knowing what is going to happen is frightening. There’s a lot of doubt. We are wondering if we will still have a job in a month from now? These are valid concerns that are affecting millions of people around the world.

If you are feeling concerned or paralyzed with anxiety, I invite you to breathe.

And if you don’t know what you want. It’s OK to just be in the stillness and go within – because this is where changes occur.  It’s the scariest place to go and yet, the most rewarding when you allow for inner transformation.

Although you may struggle with uncertainty, remember that you also have the ability to turn your life around and create your new reality.  So be mindful of your thoughts and feelings because what you feel creates your outcome.

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