105- How to Achieve Your Oasis of Hope

Last week I spoke about gaining clarity in the stillness. I realized that often times we may arrive in the stillness not by choice and this can be quite challenging. The idea of creating your own Oasis of Hope is to find healthy ways to cope and help you move through negative spells quickly.  

The feeling of hope elevate your state of mind and bring within you faith that something greater will be on the other side of your challenges. Notice that every emotion you feel is all happening in your mind. This is why it’s important to control your state of mind.

Hope and faith are the antidote to fear, blame, shame and many other negative emotions. The magic lies in knowing that tomorrow will be better. It’s magical because your actions are in direct response to your emotions. So what you think will convert into actions.

Remember, life is fragile and we never know what will happen next. Sometimes we take our health or job for granted. We assume there’s security in the sameness. It’s not so. We just don’t want to see it because everything appears to be constant.  

Usually, something happens when we, humans, forget to relate ourselves to some natural laws. Remember, “change is the only constant in life.” 

Hope and faith don’t remove the feeling of sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, and fear. You will go through all sorts of negative emotions. It’s pretty challenging to be in this place because you are suddenly faced with a new reality and you may feel out of control. In reality, it’s being in the Ferris Wheel that was taking you out of control. Now you have a chance to press reset.

Step one to achieving your Oasis of Hope is to take ownership of your happiness. You can choose to stay a victim of your situation or you can choose to take your life in your own hands and become your own hero. Remember, everything is a choice event thinking you have no other choice is a choice.

Unconditional and conditional love, meditation and exercise are a great way to help you cope. That is because they elevate your energy vibration which stimulates a positive state of mind. 

Another thing you can do to cope with adversity is to not take things personally and stop doing things alone. Have someone, with positive influence, that will help you create new plans. This is so important. Yes, there is a time where you just need to think or vent. However, when it comes time to build a new future, make sure you associate your mind with a positive thinker. Someone that will help you find your true path.  

You cannot create a new future from your past. This is why the stillness is important – because it allows you to pause and go beyond what you already know. Yes, it may be scary but it’s essential for growth.

If you find yourself in this unknown place and you know there’s something greater you want to achieve, you are just not sure how to navigate forward and you need someone with a positive mindset to help you think things through, remember you are welcome to reach out – just schedule your free 30-minute consultation by clicking this link.  

Listen in as I explain in more detail how the stillness gives you a new perspective on how to see things and hope, mixed with faith and belief bring you the courage to change what you can and accept what you cannot control.

About the author, Nadia

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