Love yourself back to life!

Nadia Fleury with peace of mind

French-Canadian Nadia Fleury’s entrepreneurial journey began in January 2012 when she took the unbeaten path and quit her high-paying job to fulfill her dream of owning a skincare business. 

Nadia knew she could accomplish this due to her unique skill at seeing beyond the tangible. Like a composer who writes a symphony, she converts abstract thoughts into deliverable assets, allowing her to foster ideas from concept all the way to implementation. 

But growing a skincare company first required funds—funds that she didn’t have. After years of financial and emotional challenges, Nadia came out of hiding and invested in herself through personal development programs. The investment proved well-worth it as she was given the opportunity to meet many extraordinary coaches, mentors and same-minded entrepreneurs.

In the process, she learned how to discern what she wanted in life and what she would no longer accept. She recognized the power of collaboration.

Nadia knows fear, whether it’s fear of taking that first step, fear of being vulnerable, or fear of not having enough money. Nadia knows that you may not be free for live events, may not feel comfortable attending, or may not be able to afford events, coaches, or mentors.

However, she doesn’t want anything to hold you back! Which is why Nadia began podcasting her journey from the day she left her high-paying job through today. Follow along with Nadia each step of the way from the comfort of your very own home!

"My mission is to inspire you toward awareness and wisdom. To help you reconnect with your life again so that your tomorrow is better than your yesterday. Because you deserve to be happy. You deserve to love yourself back to life!"

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I spent years hiding my real potential because I was doing life all alone.

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