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Nadia Fleury | Founder and CEO of Avesence®

Creator of the Infinite Reach™ Program

Ten years ago, I created AVESENCE®. Oily skin was in the way of my happiness and I was resolute in solving my problem regardless of the lack of a team and finances.

It started with an idea mixed with the drive to succeed. After all, I had skin in the game. Mixed with persistence and creative effort, Avesence® took off but not without effort.

It took 3 years and over 1,000 failed attempts to formulate a unique cream that would keep oily skin feel smooth and clean.

Along the way, I learned what it takes to create a brand and operate a successful business.

In the video series below, 21-Critical Steps to launching a product idea into a successful brand, I share my experiences to help you save time and money and to inspire you to turn your vision into reality. 

Welcome to the Video Series!

21-Critical Steps

to Launching a Product Idea into a Successful Brand.

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Video Series Summary

EP 00 Intro/Prerequisite for success

EP 01 Start with the end in mind

EP 02 Take the time to research

EP 03 Your Big Why

EP 04 Mindset

EP 05 Brand Positioning

EP 06 Identify your strengths and weaknesses

EP 07 Who will buy the product?

EP 08 How much is the market willing to pay?

EP 09 Is there any similar product on the market?

EP 10 Manufacturing Capabilities

EP 11 The Business Formation

EP 12 Leveraging your Intellectual Property

EP 13 Why is branding so important?

EP 14 The 7-marketing secrets nobody talks about

EP 15 How to effectively sale your product?

EP 16 How to keep the pulse on your finances?

EP 17 Team Building

EP 18 How to scale your business?

EP 19  How to implement with ease?

EP 20 Take care of yourself

EP 21 Your mentors, coaches and guides

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