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A Twist of Fate

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In this episode, Nadia is sharing how deciding on a whim to show up at networking events can lead to an exciting twist of fate.

We never know who we meet during a Networking event and what may happen after that. Nadia believes businesses have a greater chance of success when we take the opportunity to meet people. However, to receive full benefits of the connection, some things need to happen after the event.

Listen in as you will discover the next step Nadia is about to take to grow her business into the millions.

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About the author, Nadia

Nadia Fleury is a French-Canadian entrepreneur, life strategist, and chemist who founded Avesence, a skincare line promoting healthy, radiant-looking skin using potent skincare formulations.

Looking beyond marketing hype and understanding that beauty is more about how you feel inside, Nadia delved into alchemy, mixing science, with self-awareness, and spiritual awakening, eliciting inner-transformation and bringing forth your true beauty from within.

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