176 – What’s Your Essence?

What I’m going to share with you today, if understood, can actually help bring peace to this world. And that is, to really grasp what we do to others, we are doing it to ourselves. In short, an eye for an eye is not sustainable in the long run.

But to tap into the wisdom, we must feel happy inside our hearts. If you desire happiness and are unsure where to start, I’ve got something special for you. I create a quiz to help you figure out your #1 Unconscious Roadblock That Keeps You Stuck.


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174 – What is your legacy?

Have you ever noticed the many things surrounding you are a result of our many ancestors’ deeds? In a way, each generation gets to benefit from the previous generations. For instance, we now have access to many things, like electricity, plane, and the internet, to facilitate our lives because someone or a group of people created these things.
In this episode, Nadia brings you into her personal life as she reflects on her mom’s past deeds, where many lessons and outcomes showcase how important it is to create a legacy.

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168 – How to receive what you desire?

Kao Feng once asked, “The whole world is a fire pit. With what state of mind can you avoid being burned?” Likewise, Nadia illustrates how the quality of your life is greatly influenced by the quality of your thoughts.

In reality, none of us has it easy. Deep down, we are scarred with flaws and imperfections. And that’s okay; it’s part of being human, after all. But despite our past fears and awful experiences, Nadia is saying that we have the choice to refuse these horrible circumstances to dictate the purpose and meaning of our lives. And in this episode, Nadia reveals to us the key relationship between courage, success, and state of mind.

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